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Del Mar Photonics plan to attend 15th International Conference on Near Infared Spectroscopy in Cape Town, South Africa May 13 - May 20, 2011

AOTF Infrared Spectrometer - request a quote

Del Mar Photonics offer a handheld infrared spectrometer based on the acousto-optic tunable filter (AOTF). This instrument is about the size and weight of a video camera, and can be battery operated. This unique, patented device is all solid-state with no moving parts. It has been sold for a wide variety of applications such as liquid fuel analysis, pharmaceutical analysis, gas monitoring and plastic analysis.


High Speed
NO moving parts
Fiber Probe Option
Infrared (1.2 2.5 m)
Diffuse reflectance and transmission


Plastics identification
Pharmaceutical analysis
Environmental Monitoring
Research & Development
Liquid fuel analysis
Gas monitoring

Del Mar Photonics develop and supply dedicated AOTF Spectrometers. Send us the identification problem that you want to solve and we'll estimate suitability of AOTF technology for the job.

Currently available is RAVEN Portable Plastic Identifier

AOTF Infrared Spectrometer to measure lactose, fat and proteins in milk

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