American Physical Society Meeting Spring 2010, Portland, Oregon

Del Mar Photonics Product brochures - Femtosecond products data sheets (zip file, 4.34 Mbytes) - Del Mar Photonics

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A28.00004 Nonequilibrium Structural Phase Transformation of Interfacial Water Assemblies Observed by Ultrafast Electron Crystallography
A28.00005 Femtosecond movies of water near interfaces at sub-Angstrom resolution
A33.00001 Element-selective magnetization dynamics probed using ultrafast soft x-ray beams
A33.00003 Separating spin-dependent interaction mechanisms in femtosecond optical pulse excitation of ferromagnetic metals
A33.00004 Femtosecond magnetization dynamics using the inverse Faraday effect
A33.00011 Theoretical foundation of the time-resolved magneto-optical Kerr effect for femtosecond magnetism
B14.00004 Subpicosecond optical switching with a negative index metamaterial
B27.00003 Studies of Molecular Excitons formed by Porphyrin Dimers in Lipid Bilayer Vesicles using Two-Dimensional Electronic Coherence Spectroscopy
B37.00005 Structural and dynamical studies of the LaAlO$_3$/SrTiO$_3$ interface
B38.00014 Ultrafast dynamics of photoexcited 5f electrons in the Mott insulator UO$_{2}$
B5.00002 From Femtoseconds to Neurons in 35 Short Years
B5.00004 Medical imaging with optical coherence tomography
D15.00001 The X-ray Pump-Probe Instrument at LCLS
D15.00002 The X-ray Correlation Spectroscopy Instrument at the LCLS
D28.00008 Molecular dynamics simulations of ablation and spallation of gold irradiated by femtosecond laser
D6.00003 Development of Biomimetic and Functionally Responsive Surfaces
H24.00002 Femtosecond time-resolved EUV photoion imaging studies of pure helium nanodroplets
H29.00005 Structural Characterization of Optically Active Defects in Selenium-Doped Silicon
H9.00010 Carrier dynamics in InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots excited by degenerate pump-probe technique
J14.00004 Ultrafast quantum optics with solid-state nanosystems
J15.00001 Laser-combined STM and probing ultrafast transient dynamics
J23.00006 Multi-frequency THz Heterodyne Spectroscopy using Electro-Optic Sampling
J35.00007 Emergence of the persistent spin helix in semiconductor quantum wells
J8.00001 Lasers in the Undergraduate Laboratory: Precision Measurement for the Masses
K1.00048 Spectroscopy With Free Electron Lasers
K1.00161 Ultrafast Mid-Infrared Intra-Excitonic Response of Individualized Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
K1.00277 Molecular alignment and soft X-ray generation in the ultrafast intense laser field
L14.00001 Imaging Photoinduced Charge Transport in Single Molecules
L15.00007 Defect Structure Information Possible from Sub-Picosecond Bragg Diffuse Scattering Measurements of Displacement Cascade Dynamics
L26.00004 Quantum logic with cavity-embedded quantum dots using global femtosecond pulses
L8.00004 FLASH, the Free-Electron Laser at DESY: Machine Performance and Recent Highlights from User Experiments
P27.00007 Ultrafast vibrational decoherence probed in the infrared near-field of molecular bonds
Q27.00001 Coherent frequency combs and spectroscopy
Q27.00002 Enhancement of wideband terahertz-beam signals by a CW laser beam, in time-domain terahertz spectroscopy
Q27.00007 Molecular Spectroscopy with Frequency Combs
Q41.00010 Ultra-fast pump-probe determination of electron-phonon coupling in cuprate superconductors
Q8.00001 Photo-magnonics: excitation of magnonic materials by femtosecond laser pulses
Q8.00002 Magnetic excitations and ultrafast magnetisation reversal
S1.00096 Laser induced ultrafast magnetization reorientation in two dimensional arrays of Fe nanoparticles
S1.00189 Quantum dynamics of H2+ in an atto-second laser pulse
S1.00227 Electronic transport of femtosecond-laser created sub-bandgap absorbers
T4.00001 Joseph F. Keithley Award For Advances in Measurement Science Talk: Precision Noise Measurements at Microwave and Optical Frequencies
V14.00007 Acoustic transport and electron phonon interaction in nanorod array
V27.00003 IR-assisted ionization of Ar$^{+}$/Ar$^{++}$ by the attosecond XUV radiation
V27.00005 Attosecond photoelectron spectroscopy at surfaces
V27.00007 Inducing and Probing Attosecond-Time-Scale Electronic Wavefunction Beating
V29.00007 Electron Population Investigation in Quantum Cascade Lasers using Femtosecond Mid-IR Pump-Probe Spectroscopy
V32.00003 Surface Reactions following Ultrafast Substrate Excitation: A Path towards Atomic Scale Resolution of High-Temperature Reactions at Metal Surfaces?
V32.00004 ``QM/Me'' - a novel embedding approach for adsorbate dynamics on metal surfaces
V6.00005 Ab initio calculations of correlated electron dynamics in ultrashort pulses
W15.00013 Optical response function reconstruction of the femtosecond electronic dephasing of an individual plasmonic nanostructure
W27.00001 Revealing molecular structure and dynamics through high harmonic generation driven by mid-IR fields
W27.00002 Isolated attosecond pulses from ionization-gated high harmonics for molecular spectroscopy
W27.00003 Ultrafast/Attosecond Transient Absorption with High Order Harmonics
W30.00012 Molecular dynamics simulation of shock wave and spallation phenomena in metal foils irradiated by femtosecond laser pulse
W32.00013 Low temperature epitaxial growth of Ge on Si(100)-(2x1) with excitation laser by pulsed laser deposition
W35.00001 Ultrafast Coherent Magnetism in Ferromagnetic GaMnAs
W37.00008 Femtosecond spectroscopy of multiferroic BiFeO$_{3}$ thin films
X12.00013 Cold Water Jets on a Hot Si surface
X25.00011 Interband Relaxation Dynamics of Photo-Excited Carriers in InSb Quantum Wells
X5.00001 Tomography of faint spinning objects: From molecules to viruses
Y15.00001 Table-top Femtosecond Ultra Fast Time Resolvable ARPES Facility at LANL
Y23.00006 Photoionization dynamics of pure helium droplets: exciton formation vs autoionization
Y28.00011 Coulomb explosion in femtosecond laser-cluster interactions
Y39.00008 Ultrafast Optical Spectroscopy of Ba(Co$_{x}$Fe$_{1-x}$)$_{2}$As$_{2}$ Superconductors
Y4.00005 Magnetic relaxation due to earth impurities in Ni$_{80}$Fe$_{20}$
Z2.00005 High harmonic generation by surface plasmon resonance: Design of plasmonic devices and their applications
Z22.00008 Light Emission from Graphene Induced by Femtosecond Laser Pulses
Z22.00010 Observation of coherent excitation of the interlayer shearing mode in graphite and multilayer graphene
Z22.00011 Nonlinear photoluminescence from graphene
Z3.00002 Femtosecond response of exchange biased bilayers
Z37.00011 Femtosecond functionalization of magnetic 2- and 3-center nanostructures


Del Mar Photonics Product brochures - Femtosecond products data sheets (zip file, 4.34 Mbytes) - Del Mar Photonics

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Del Mar Photonics Product brochures - Femtosecond products data sheets (zip file, 4.34 Mbytes) - Del Mar Photonics

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Prodat data sheets

Pulse strecher/compressor

Avoca SPIDER system

Buccaneer femtosecond fiber lasers with SHG Second Harmonic Generator

Cannon Ultra-Broadband Light Source

Cortes Cr:Forsterite Regenerative Amplifier

Infrared cross-correlator CCIR-800

Cross-correlator Rincon

Femtosecond Autocorrelator IRA-3-10

Kirra Faraday Optical Isolators

Mavericks femtosecond Cr:Forsterite laser

OAFP optical attenuator

Pearls femtosecond fiber laser (Er-doped fiber, 1530-1565 nm)

Pismo pulse picker

Reef-M femtosecond scanning autocorrelator for microscopy

Reef-RTD scanning autocorrelator

Reef-SS single shot autocorrelator

Femtosecond Second Harmonic Generator

Spectrometer ASP-100M

Spectrometer ASP-150C

Spectrometer ASP-IR

Tamarack and Buccaneer femtosecond fiber lasers (Er-doped fiber, 1560+/- 10nm)

Teahupoo femtosecond Ti:Sapphire regenerative amplifier

Femtosecond third harmonic generator

Tourmaline femtosecond fiber laser (1054 nm)

Tourmaline TETA Yb femtosecond amplified laser system

Tourmaline Yb-SS femtosecond solid state laser system

Trestles CW Ti:Sapphire laser

Trestles femtosecond Ti:Sapphire laser

Trestles Finesse femtosecond lasers system integrated with DPSS pump laser

Wedge Ti:Sapphire multipass amplifier