Del Mar Photonics participated in the exhibition during Advanced Solid State Photonics 2007 conference in Vancouver, British Columbia. We had a great opportunity to learn from your presentations about recent research in this area. As a manufacturer of femtosecond lasers and a part of photonics industry we are looking with great interest in all new developments.

Today we want to share with you information about Teahupoo Rider- Del Mar Photonics’ new femtosecond Ti:Sapphire laser system. Teahupoo Rider is a fully-integrated all-in-one-box system that includes Trestles Mini Ti:Sapphire oscillator or Buccaneer SHG diode-pumped fiber oscillator, pulse stretcher, regenerative amplifier pumped by multi kHz Nd:YAG pump laser and pulse compressor. Teahupoo Rider has a factory preinstalled repetition rate of 2, 5 or 10kHz and ideal for low cost femtosecond micromachining systems, OPA pumping, ultrafast spectroscopy and variety of applications in life sciences.

Del Mar Photonics Inc. is established manufacturer of femtosecond photonics products for scientific and industrial applications. Product portfolio includes ultrafast laser oscillators and amplifiers based on Ti:Sapphire, Cr:Forsterite, Er- and Yb- doped fiber, supercontinuum sources, table top multi terawatt systems; variety of measurement tools such as autocorrelators, SPIDER, cross-correlator and ultrafast dynamic measurement systems. Del Mar Photonics develops and supplies complete femtosecond systems for multiphoton imaging, nanophotonics, micromachining, plasma and high-energy x-ray generation, THz generation and spectroscopy and other areas.

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