Liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) wavefront corrector and beam steerer

Del Mar Photonics wavefront sensors.

ShaH wavefront sensors represent recent progress in Shack-Hartmann-based technology. The performance of Shack-Hartmann sensors greatly depends on the quality of the lenslet arrays used. We developed a proprietary process of lenslet manufacturing, ensuring excellent quality of refractive lenslet arrays. Additional advantage of the ShaH wavefront sensors is a highly optimized processing code making possible real-time processing of the sensor data at the rate exceeding 1000 frames per second. Low-level programming of the video GPU allows us to achieve a resolution up to 512x512 pixels at a 500+ Hz frame rate. This mode is favorable for controlling modern liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) wavefront correctors.
Low-cost ShaH-0620 is suitable for teaching lab. Our high-end high-speed ShaH-03500 utilizes a back-illuminated EM-gain CCD sensor with cooling down to -100C. Waveform sensors brochure.

Del Mar Photonics wavefront sensor software screenshot

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