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Del Mar Photonics presents new unique fully computerized powerful laser spectrometer for research studies demanding fine resolution and high spectral density of radiation within UV-VIS-NIR spectral domains.

This fully automated high-resolution spectrometer based on Tekhnoscan's CW narrow-line Ti:Sapphire laser, model TIS-FD-08/A-scan, comes as a perfect embodiment of modern ideas and technology innovation in the field of smart laser spectrometers. Novel advanced design of the fundamental laser component implements efficient intra-cavity frequency doubling as well as provides a state-of-the-art combined ultra-wide-tunable Ti:Sapphire & Dye laser covering a super-broad spectral range between 275 and 1100 nm.
The spectrometer includes, as its base, a CW ultra-wide-tunable narrow-line laser, high-precision wavelength meter, an electronic control unit driven through USB interface as well as a software package. Positions of wavelength selection components in the laser as well as the position of the non-linear crystal are precisely controlled with the help of a closed-loop feed-back system including a wavelength meter. The spectrometer is fully controllable through a user-friendly computer interface that offers a variety of modes for setting and scanning of the radiation wavelength as well as different modes of data acquisition and recording.
The TIS-FD-08/A-scan features LabWindows™ based software running under Windows™ XP/Vista. For acquisition of experimental data an 8-channel 14-bit ADC is used with quantisation frequency of 3 MHz and channel multiplexing frequency 3 MHz.
The spectrometer is designed for wide-range spectral studies and characterization of quantum semiconductor structures, meta-materials, bio-objects as well as for nano-, bio-technological applications, and quality control.

Laser Spectrometer Specifications

Light source
CW Ti:Sapphire laser 1)
CW Ti:Sapphire laser with intra-cavity frequency doubling 2)
CW Dye laser 3)
CW Dye laser with intra-cavity frequency doubling 4)

Wavelength range
1) 680 - 1100 nm
2) 390 - 550nm / 680 - 1100nm
3) 550 - 700 nm
4) 275 - 350nm / 550 - 700nm

Output power
up to 4 W in the ranges 550 - 770 / 680 - 1100 nm
up to 500 mW in the ranges 275 - 350 / 390 - 550 nm

Radiation linewidth less than 0.001 nm (1 GHz) / 0.05 nm
Wavelength accuracy 0.001 nm / 0.01 nm
Scanning modes: smooth scanning / step-scan

Data channels
One 8-channel 14-bit ADC
One 12-bit DAC
6 input ports
4 output ports

Accessories (optional)
laser power meter
UV-IR viewer
extra dye circulation unit
pump laser

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