Del Mar Photonics

Featured event:

XXII. International Symposium on Molecular Beams, May 27th to June 1st, 2007, in Freiburg, Germany

Topics include:

Cold Chemistry


Helium Droplets



Molecules and Clusters on Surfaces

Interaction with High Energy Photons

Chemical Dynamics

Reactive Collisions

Ultrafast Dynamics


Invited speakers include:

Achmed, M. (University of California Berkeley), Arndt, M. (Wien), Baumert , T. (Kassel), Cederbaum , L. (Heidelberg), Choi , J. (Korea University), Clary, D. (Oxford), Drabbels, M. (EPFL Lausanne), Fenn , John B. (Virginia Commonwealth University), Halberstadt, N. (Toulouse),Heiz , U. (TU München), Hinds, E. (Imperial College London), Jäger, W. (University of Alberta), Kitsopoulos, T. (University of Crete), Lee, Y. T. (Academica Sinica), Meijer, G. (FHI Berlin), Meiwes-Broer , K.-H. (Rostock), Merkt, F. (ETH Zürich), Mitsui , M. (Keio University), Möller , T. (TU Berlin), Nesbitt, D. (University of Colorado at Boulder), Neumark, D. (University of California Berkeley), Pirani, F. (University of PerugiaI), Reid , J. (Bristol), Rizzo, T. (EPFL Lausanne), Rost, J. M. (MPI Dresden), Scoles, G. (University of Trieste), Stolow, A. (Institute for Molecular Sciences, Ottawa), Suits, A. (Wayne State University), Wodtke, A. (University of California Santa Barbara), Yang, X. (Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics), Ye, J. (University of Colorado at Boulder), Zhang, D. (Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics), Zwier , T. (Purdue University),


Del Mar Photonics