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The 2007 Gordon Conference on Quantum Control of Light and Matter

Dear Quantum Control Enthusiasts,

The 2007 Gordon Conference on Quantum Control of Light and Matter will
be held August 12-17, at Salve Regina University in Newport Rhode
Island. Salve Regina is considered an especially beautiful GRC site. The
scientific program spans the application of principles of quantum
control to atomic physics, classical and quantum optics, chemistry,
biology and quantum information. Please bring this notice to the
attention of your group members and colleagues who you think may be

The list of Sessions, Speakers and Discussion Leaders includes:

New Trends in Quantum Control:
Moshe Shapiro, Paul Corkum, Graham Fleming

Quantum Control and Quantum Information:
Birgitta Whaley, Peter Zoller, Chris Monroe, Mikhail Lukin

Real-time Feedback Control of Quantum Systems:
Hideo Mabuchi, Serge Haroche, Dan Steck

Learning and Chemical Control:
Herschel Rabitz, Marcos Dantus, Roseanne Sension, Michael Spanner

Quantum Control in Chemistry and Biology:
Gustav Gerber, Shaul Mukamel, Dwayne Miller

Pierre Agostini, Marc Vrakking, Ken Schafer, Johan Mauritsson

Control in Spectroscopy:
Paul Brumer, Tobias Brixner, Kenji Ohmori

Strong Field Quantum Control:
Margaret Murnane, Matthias Wollenhaupt, Benjamin Sussman, Christoph Meier

Quantum Control of New Physical Frontiers:
Ronnie Kosloff, Steffen Glaser, Steven Cundiff

Full program:

Site and Travel Information:

Application and Registration:

We look forward to welcoming you at Salve Regina in August!


David Tannor and Phil Bucksbaum, Co-chairs,
Yaron Silberberg, Vice-chair,