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Del Mar Photonics offers new tunable continuous-wave Cr:ZnSe laser Chatarra

Chatarra is a midinfrared laser based on Cr2+ doped into ZnSe broadly tunable around 2.5 Ám . The laser is tunable over 600 nm from 2.2 Ám to 2.8 Ám and delivers up to 6 W of the output radiation. Chatarra is available in two main all-solid-state options: diode pumped or 1.9 Ám Tm fiber laser pumped. Chatarra is a powerful new source of laser radiation in the MWIR range, which is robust, compact, solid-state, operating at room temperature and suitable for many applications.

To receive additional information or a quote please e-mail us the following technical requirements:

1) Whether tunability is required or not: Chatarra is availabe as a) fixed frequency (FF), b) narrow tunable (NT) or c) widely tunable (WT) options.

2) Required linewidth: a) single frequency (linewidth below 80MHz), b) narrow bandwith (1-3nm) or c) broadband (5-10nm)

3) If tunability is required what is the range of tunability (see also 1). Maximum tunability range is from 2.2 Ám to 2.8 Ám

4) Maximum output power: up 6W of Cr:ZnSe output power at 40% efficiency

5) Laser head size limitations, if any.

A high-power, diode-pumped or fiber laser pumped Cr:ZnSe laser Chatarra is a new valuable source of MWIR laser radiation that can be used in a variety of applications, such as:

MWIR spectroscopy
HF Laser Diagnostics
Plasma diagnostics

Industrial and environmental
Environmental sensing
Gas monitoring in manufacturing

Security and Defence:
Infrared countermeasures against heat-seeking missiles
MWIR laser radar
Aircraft- and satellite-based counter-proliferation intelligence gathering
Aircraft or ship-based countermeasures
Remote sensing for chemical warfare detection
Laser-based eyesafe seekers for smart munitions and cruise missiles
Covert communications systems

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