Del Mar Photonics offer custom made LiIO3 crystals. Here are few just examples of actual crystals made:

LiIO3 crystals

Lithium iodate crystals cut for type I phasematching for SHG of 632.8nm light to 316.4nm.
LxWxH =10mm x 4mm x 4mm
Brewster cut for the fundamental wavelength


LiIO3 crystal (Lithium iodate crystal)
cut for second harmonic generation at 1100nm,
1300nm and 1550nm for use in a Type 1 co-linear autocorrelator system.
Crystal dimensions 1cm x 1 cm, thickness 1mm.
cut&polished on both sides.
AR/AR coating (also protects from humidity)
Mount diam. 1

Please e-mail us complete details for a custom quote.