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Michael Wong

Graduate Student

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Silicon microtip emitters


Under the sponsorship of Bruker AXS, Inc., the UC Davis Vacuum Microelectronic Team are undertaking the task of inventing a novel and innovative high-resolution X-ray imaging detector using Field Emission Array (FEA) technology.  The objective of this research is to design, fabricate, and test the second phase of the Bruker X-ray detection project, using highly-planar, gated, photosensitive, (FEA) photocathode.
        The gated FEAs are fabricated using subtractive etching techniques and include Chemo-Mechanical-Polishing for a planar-gate surface.  The advantages of implementing a planar-gate include higher spatial resolution, enhanced dynamic range, reduced gate-cathode capacitance, and a lower turn-on voltage (which reduces the chance of damage being caused by high-voltage dielectric breakdown.)  Previous planar, gated designs from other FEA groups [1], [2] show promising results, but have certain deficiencies.  This design of gated-FEA photocathode has the potential advantages of a planar gate surface, and can alleviate problems associated with non-self-aligned gate openings and  uneven fabrication over a large-area array.


Del Mar Photonics connection: Michael Wong uses Del Mar Microchannel Plate detectors in his experimental research.