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Featured customer:

Jin Wang
Assistant Professor of Physics
Department of Natural Sciences
University of Michigan-Dearborn

Selected Publications

1. Jin Wang, Decoherence effects in an electromagnetically induced transparency and slow light experiment, Physical Review A, 81, 033841, 2010.

2. Jin Wang, Feedback controlled dephasing and population relaxation in a two-level system, Physics Letters A, 373, 1627-1631, 2009.

3. Jin Wang, H. M. Batelaan, Jeermy Podany, A. F. Starace, Entanglement evolution in the presence of decoherence, Journal of Physics B, 39, 4343-4353, 2006. (One out six high light papers in the Journal of Physics B in the year of 2006).

4. Jin Wang, H. M. Wiseman, G. J. Milburn, Dynamical creation of entanglement by homodyne-mediated feedback, Phys. Rev. A 71, 042309-042317, 2005.

5. H. Gao, M. Roseberry, Jin Wang, H. Batelaan, Experimental studies of light propagation and storage in warm atomic gases, Journal of Physics B, 38, 1857-1866, 2005.

6. Stefano Mancini, Jin Wang, Towards feedback control of entanglement, Special Issue of European Physical Journal D, 32, 257-264, 2005.

7. H. M. Wiseman, S. Mancini and Jin Wang, Bayesian feedback versus Markovian feedback in a two-Level atom, Physical Review A 66, 012108-012118, 2002.

8. Jin Wang, H.M. Wiseman, and G. J. Milburn,Non-Markovian homodyne-mediated feedback on a two-level atom: A quantum trajectory treatment, Special Issue of Chemical Physics, 268, 221-233, 2001.

9. Jin Wang, H.M. Wiseman, Feedback-stabilization of an arbitrary pure state of a two-level atom, Physical Review A, 64, 063810-063820, 2001.

10. Jin Wang, H.M. Wiseman, and Z. Ficek, Quantum interference in the fluorescence of a molecular system, Physical Review A, 62, 013818-013829, 2000; erratum 65, 039901, 2002.

11. Jin Wang, Shiqun Zhu, and Jianpin Yin, Saturation effects on intensity fluctuation of laser with multiplicative white noise, Physical Review A, 51, 5035-5038, 1995.

12. Jin Wang, Shiqun Zhu, Dynamical properties of a Laser with correlation between additive and multiplicative noise, Physics Letters A, 207, 47-52, 1995.