Del Mar Photonics - Greyhawkoptics


Defence Symposium South Africa 2008

Final Program 2008


08h30 Registration and Refreshments

08h55 Welcome and Introduction
Eric Milburn, ECM Technologies, SA

09h00 09h25 Atlantic Inertial Systems A new name for providing precision navigation and guidance.
Derrick Cox Atlantic Inertial Systems, UK

09h25 09h50 Infrared Optics - request a quote for Infrared Optics
Fraser Pooley CVI Melles Griot, UK

09h50 10h15 Customised Optical Microstructures
Ray George - POG-Precision Optics Gera

10h15 10h45 Tea/Coffee

10h45 11h10 Sapphire Optics - request a quote for Sapphire Optics
Peter Kyburz - Kyburz AG, Switzerland

11h10 11h35 Advances in Digital High Speed Imaging Technology to meet the requirements of Defence and Industrial Research.
Andrew Hilton - Photron (Europe) Limited, UK

11h35 12h00 The Future of Image Intensified Night Vision.
Cor Boot - Photonis, The Netherlands

12h00 13h15 Lunch


13h15 13h40 Cost Effective benefits of Single-Piece Wheel with RunFlat Inserts
Trevor Chandler - RunFlat International Limited, UK

13h40 14h05 CBRNE Detection and Management at Major Events
Patrick Hargreaves - Smiths Detection, UK

14h05 14h30 Allen Vanguard Defeating the Threat (Part 1)
Michael Foster Allen Vanguard, Canada

14h30 15h00 Tea / Coffee & Exhibition

15h00 15h25 Allen Vanguard Defeating the Threat (Part 2)
Michael Foster Allen Vanguard, Canada

15h25 15h50 Respiratory Protection Equipment (RPE) for the changing threat.
John Penton Avon Protection, UK

15h50 16h15 Developments in Portable Security Screening Solutions.
John Greenacre Scanna-MSC, UK

16h15 16h40 The use of Risk Management Software to assist with Civil Protection
Alisdair Smith - Bruhn NewTech, UK

16h40 Product Update & Closing
Eric Milburn, Philip Charles, ECM Technologies, SA

17h00 19h00 Cocktail Party Immediately follows closure of the Event