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Del Mar Photonics at Photonics West 2009

Photonics West 2009
24 - 29 January 2009
San Jose Convention Center
San Jose, CA United States

Exhibitor: Del Mar Photonics, Inc. (Del Mar PW2009 webpage)

Del Mar Photonics, Inc.
San Diego, CA
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Company Description
New Product: Near-field Scanning Optical Microscope (NSOM) for nano-characterization and nanomanufacturing.

Del Mar Photonics, Inc. product portfolio includes ultrafast laser oscillators and amplifiers based on Ti:Sapphire, Cr:Forsterite, Er- and Yb- doped fibers; autocorrelators, SPIDER and cross-correlator, femtosecond fluorescence up-conversion and transient spectroscopy pump-probe systems, CW single-frequency ring Dye/Ti:Sapphire lasers, NIR-MWIR-LWIR cameras, and optical and crystal components. Contact: Del Mar Photonics Sales Team,
New Product To Be Announced at Photonics West 2009
November 17, 2008: Femtosecond ready NSOM-AFM-STM

Conventional microscopes have fundamentally limited resolution due to diffraction, but there is no such restriction for near-field interactions, that is why near-field microscopy is becoming important nano-science technique.
Possible applications of this tool are characterization of photonic nanodevices, bio photonics (investigation of cells, viruses, DNA molecules), nano-chemistry (chemical reactions control), nanoscale photolithography (processing of photosensitive polymers). NSOM delivered femto-second pulses can be used for nanometer-scale surface topology modification. Temporal resolution provided by femtosecond laser opens wide range of new possibilities such as: transport dynamics studies of nanostructured materials, pump-probe experiments, ultra fast coherent and Raman spectroscopy. Spatial optical resolution is better than 100 nm and temporal resolution in the pulse operation mode is better than 100 fs. Tunable CW operation for spectral measurements is also available.  Request a quote

Del Mar Photonics, Inc.
4119 Twilight Ridge
San Diego, CA 92130
Telephone: 858/876-3133
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November 18, 2008

Yb-based high-energy fiber laser system kit, model Tourmaline Yb-ULRepRate-07
- low-repetition-rate high-energy mode-locked Yb-doped all-fiber laser with open architecture which provides possibility of educational & experimental work for obtaining ultra-low-repetition-rate (up to 10 kHz) and study of parabolic shaped pulses;
- powerful fiber amplifier.

- record-breaking ultra-low repetition rate (ULRepRate) for mode-locked lasers:
up to 10 kHz;
- new concept high-energy mode-locked fiber laser system without Q-switching and
cavity dumping techniques;
- super-wide range of output pulse duration: from femtosecond to nanosecond;
- open architecture master oscillator platform may be used for realization of
different configurations of femtosecond, picosecond and nanosecond pulse fiber lasers.

Wavelength: 1.07 nm 0.1 nm
Pulse duration: 500 fs - 3 ns
Repetition rate: 25-5 MHz and low (up to 10 kHz)
Pulse energy: up to 10 J (microJoule)

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November 18, 2008

Ytterbium-doped Femtosecond Solid-State Laser Tourmaline Yb-SS400

The Yb-doped Tourmaline Yb-SS400 laser radiates at 10592 nm. New design features integrated pump diode module for greater system stability and turn-key operation. The solid-bulk body of the laser ensures maximum rigidity, while self-starting design provides for easy "plug-and-play" operation.

Tourmaline Yb-SS400/150
Pulse duration (FWHM), fs < 150
Wavelength, nm 10592
Output power, mW* >400
Repetition rate, MHz 80*
Output power stability** 1% (see graph)
Spatial mode TEMoo
Polarization, linear >100:1 (horizontal)
Laser head dimensions, mm 710x165x110
Power supply dimensions, mm 230x200x85

* - custom values available upon request
** - at stable room conditions over 12 hours after 30 minutes warm-up

Small footprint
Integrated pump source
Highly stable
Short pulse duration
Self-starting of femtosecond regime

- Seed oscillator for amplifiers
- Multi-photon excitation microscopy
- Pump-probe spectroscopy
- Supercontinuum generation
- Generation of terahertz radiation
- Time-resolved spectroscopy
- Optical coherent tomography

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