Del Mar Photonics offers industry's most extensive portfolio of ultrafast lasers
We offer femtosecond oscillators and amplifiers based on Ti:Sapphire (Trestles, Teahupoo, Cortes), Cr:Forsterite (Mavericks, Jaws), Yb- Solid State (Tourmaline-SS), Er-doped fiber (Tamarack, Buccaneers) and Yb- doped fiber (Tourmaline). Femtosecond ultra-short pulse solid state and fiber laser sources generate coherent radiation from UV to IR for variety of applications including manufacturing of miniaturized fiber sensors, micromachining of waveguides, microfluidic devices, glass MEMS, inscription of FBG fiber Bragg gratings, stand-off detection using filament-induced breakdown spectroscopy LIBS, optical sensing, plasma generation, 3D optical fabrication, optical memory recording, generation of wide terahertz THz radiation, spectroscopy, microscopy and imaging.