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Femtosecond Laser Micromachining System FLMS-AE - request a quote

1.Fully integrated all in one Oscillator-amplifier unit … ONE

Seed Oscillator is a Fiber laser and the Amplifier is a Ti Sapphire regenerative based on Chirped Pulse amplification design

Operating wavelength of femtosecond laser – between 750-800 nm (+/- 0.5%)

Output Pulse energy : 0.8 mJ min

Output pulse duration at Sech2 shape : 150 fs (user adjustable upto 1 ps or more)

Beam Quality : M2 less than 1.5

Beam Dia : 5mm+/-1mm

Beam Divergence : 100 urad (max)

Polarization : Linear, Horizontal

TBWP: 1.5 x transform limit at sech2 shape

Pulse energy stability : 1% rms (max)

Pulse repetition rate : user adjustable upto 2000 Hz or more

Capable to deliver pulses : user adjustable from single to 50000 or more

Interactive embedded control interface for output single or multiple pulse shots, PRR, Output pulse power, pump power, timing

Interface capability for programming to control from MATLAB, Labview, C+, and visual basics

Output signals via BNC connectors for synchronizing external devices to output laser pulse.

Capable to access via internet for diagonostic and remote monitoring

Entire system be thermally stabilized to +/- 0.1 deg C drift free operations

2.Beam Expander 2.5 x main output laser beam…. ONE

3.3D Galvo scanner with control card and software ….ONE

4.Mounting solution…. ONE

for all the above parts together- Laser source, beam expander, mirrors and 3D Galvo Scanner

5.Optical vibration-isolation Table …. ONE

22H x 5’ L x 4’ W x 8” Thick, Load capacity 1500 lbs per leg, have parrive leg isolation, designed for critical optical research and class 100 dean room

6. Spare parts and consumable parts required for 2 years beyond 1 year warranty

7. Installation and commissioning costs

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