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Femtosecond Ti:Sapphire laser Trestles Finesse

The main technical information about our laser you can find in the brochure.

Main parameters of the Ti :Sapphire laser Trestles Finesse:
Tuning range: 710-850 or 730-910nm
Output power up to 500 mW with pump power up to 4W
Output power up to 700 mW with pump power up to 6W
Beam quality: TEMoo
Polarization: linear horizontal
Pulse duration <100 fs
Repetition rate 80 MHz
Laser Dimensions: length=565mm; width=436mm; height=192mm
Wavelength tuning provided by motorized USB-controlled tuning slit
Electromagnetic starter option.

Tuning range can be adjusted using custom optics. Typical tuning curves for 4W pump laser are shown in the brochure. With 4W pump laser and long-wave mirrors set Trestles Finesse can be tuned up to 940nm. With 6W pump laser wavelength tuning range going up to 980nm.

Trestles Finesse can be easily customized at the factory for required tuning ranges and pulse duration.

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