Del Mar Photonics

Del Mar Photonics, Inc. offers Teahupoo Rider amplified Ti:Sapphire laser for micromachining of transparent bulk materials.

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Typical Specifications:

Teahupoo Rider
Amplified Femtosecond Ti:Sapphire Laser system
Fiber seed oscillator, regenerative amplifier, DPSS Nd:YAG pump laser (10ns/532nm/1mJ), stretcher, compressor,
pulse picker, synchronization electronics, chiller and cover box.
Output: 0.1mJ@780nm, 2 kHz (fixed), 120fs

Specifications for seed femtosecond fiber laser:

Buccaneer with a SHG unit
Fiber laser with SH generation
Pulse Width (FWHM) < 120 fs
Wavelength 780+-10 nm (fixed)
Average output power >40 mW
Repetition rate 40 MHz
Spectral width ~ 7.5 nm
Mode lock status: SMA
Polarization: vertical

Femtosecond micromachining brochure

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