Femtosecond third harmonic generation from amplified Ti:sapphire laser - THG brochure

Customer inquiry:

Im interested in the 3rd harmonic generator for an amplified Ti:sapphire laser. What is the maximum pulse energy? The system is a regenerative amplifier that produces 750 mW at a repetition rate of 100 kHz, which is a pulse energy of 7.5 microjoules in 50 femtoseconds. The beam diameter is 2.7 mm. We have tried to use a Coherent 9300 harmonic system, but it is designed for oscillator energies of nanojoules, so it is too tightly focused on the crystal and generates white light.

Del Mar Photonics:

We can offer about 7-8% efficiency, the version for 8 uJ will be non-standard. Please find enclosed the quotation for the TH generator along with
the drawing. Please note that since the unit is non-standard the dimensions may be extended by +100 mm in length and +50 mm in width.


ATsG800 Third Harmonic Generator
Second and third harmonic outputs
Input wavelength for TH 750-900 nm
Input wavelength for SH 710-960 nm
Input pulse width - >20 fs
Conversion efficiency for TH 7-8% (depends on input parameters)
Conversion efficiency for SH >30% (depends on input parameters)
Pulse broadening - <150 fs
Input pulse energy 8 μJ

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