Del Mar Photonics

Femtosecond Terawatt Ti:sapphire Laser System Teahupoo MPA-XL

Teahupoo MPA-XL is a cost-effective terawatt Ti: sapphire amplifier system. It gives up to 200 mJ energy of the stretched pulse and further compression with 65% efficiency. A standard air compressor can be placed into a custom designed vacuum chamber.

System configuration:

* Trestles Finesse (20 fs option) femtosecond Ti: sapphire seed oscillator with built-in pump laser
* Femtosecond pulse stretcher
* Two-mirror confocal multipass first stage amplifier with a pump laser
* 4-pass second stage amplifier with a pump laser LQ929
* Femtosecond pulse compressor
* Single shot autocorrelator Reef SS

Total system dimensions: 3.5 m x 0.8 m


* Pulse repetition rate: 10 Hz
* Maximum pulse energy of amplified stretched pulses: 0.2 J
* Output pulse wavelength: 810 10 nm
* Output spectral bandwidth: 30 nm
* Output beam diameter: 15 mm
* Output beam quality: M2<2
* Contrast: >106 for ns time scale
* Compressor efficiency: 65%
* Pulse width after compressor: <40 fs
* Recommended maximum pulse energy after air compressor: 60 mJ (1.5 TW at 40 fs)
* Output beam polarization: Horizontal