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Germanium windows - featured customer Yeheng Wu

 BOARD 98 THE DEVELOPMENT OF ONE-DIMENSIONAL, MULTILAYERED PVK/PVA PHOTONIC CRYSTALS. Dora C. Huang, Yeheng Wu, 28118 Edgepark BIvd, Westlake OH 44145 (Hathaway Brown School).

Photonic crystals are known for their unusual properties regarding the propagation of light and their bandgaps. A photonic bandgap, which contains many of the same features of an electronic bandgap in a semiconductor, is a forbidden region for photons (light). These bandgaps can be created with materials that have a large difference in their refractive indices and can be viewed on a transmission graph as a dip, with the dip representing low light transmittance. The purpose of this project was to create a one-dimensional, multilayered, polymer photonic crystal, where its bandgap could be viewed through a graph of its transmission, taken from a spectrophotometer. It was hypothesized that the experiment would produce such a crystal and that a dip in the transmission of light would occur at visible to near infrared range on the graph, indicating a bandgap with an expected width of 140 nm. The crystal (n=4) was created by spin coating alternating layers of poly vinylcarbazole (PVK) and poly vinylalcohol (PVA). The transmittance curve of the thirteen layer sample showed a 39 percent dip in the transmission at 900 nm (near the center of the bandgap that stretched from approximately 825 nm-990 nm), which provided evidence that the sample created was the periodic structure desired. These one-dimensional photonic crystals can be used to create very small lasers, when the crystal is doped with laser dye, or added to a substance to create extremely white pigment.

Germanium optics - Ge
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 W-Ge-38.1-4   Germanium window, 38.1 mm x 4 mm, coated  Buy Now

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