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DEL MAR PHOTONICS Microchannel Plate Detectors MCP-MA series are an open MCP detectors with one or more microchannel plates and a single metal anode. They are intended for time-resolved detection and make use of high-speed response properties of the MCPs. MCP-MA detectors are designed for photons and particles detection in vacuum chambers or in the space. MCP-MA detectors are used in a variety of applications including UV, VUV and EUV spectroscopy, atomic and molecular physics, TOF mass–spectrometry of clusters and biomolecules, surface studies and space research. MCP-MA detectors supplied as a totally assembled unit that can be easily mounted on any support substrate or directly on a vacuum flange. They also can be supplied premounted on a standard ConFlat flanges.
MCP Detectors
 Model   Product Name+   Price   Buy Now 
 MCP 34/2 G   Microchannel plate detector MCP 34/2 G   $1,200.00  Buy Now 
 MCP-MA 25/2   Microchannel plate detector MCP-MA 25/2   $1,490.00  Buy Now 
 MCP-MA 25/2 SP37   Microchannel plate detector MCP-MA 25/2   $1,490.00  Buy Now 
 MCP-MA 25/2 SP70   Microchannel plate detector MCP-MA 25/2   $1,490.00  Buy Now 
 MCP-GPS 25/2   Microchannel plate imaging detector MCP-GPS 25/2   $1,990.00  Buy Now 
 MCP-GPS 34/2   Microchannel plate imaging detector MCP-GPS 34/2   $2,600.00  Buy Now 
 MCP-IFP 25/2   Microchannel plate imaging detector MCP-IFP 25/2   $2,190.00  Buy Now 
 MCP-IFP 25/2 CF   Microchannel plate imaging detector MCP-IFP 25/2 CF 2 3/4" with HV power supply   $2,900.00  Buy Now 
 MCP-IFP 34/2   Microchannel plate imaging detector MCP-IFP 34/2   $2,800.00  Buy Now 



Del Mar Photonics offer wide selection of microchannel plates and detectors, based on microchannel plates.

Microchannel Plates from Del Mar

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Microchannel Plates and Detectors General Description
Open MCP Detectors with Metal Anode MCP-MA25 - MCP-MA34
Open MCP Image Intensifier with Luminescent Screen MCP-GPS25 - flange welded
Open MCP Image Intensifiers MCP-GPS46 and MCP-IFP46 series
Open MCP Image Intensifier MCP-GPS 70x90 CF8"
Open MCP Assemblies Part Numbers and Price List - buy online
Microchannel Plates Part Numbers and Price List - buy online

Custom Made MCP Detectors and Systems
2 pi Multiple MCP Detector
4 pi MCP Detector -
Beam Imaging Detector (BID) - Position sensitive MCP detectors for two dimensional on-line monitoring of particles and synchrotron radiation beams
Curved Microchannel Plates

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