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Best talk and best poster awards at IONS-Moscow 2010 conference sponsored by Del Mar Photonics

About IONS (from the IONS-project website) - IONS-NA-2 flyer

Del Mar Photonics sponsor IONS-NA-2 conference in Tucson, Arizona

The winner of The Best Poster Award, sponsored by Del Mar Photonics, was James Feeks from the University of St. Thomas

IONS (International OSA Network of Students) conferences are an OSA conference organized by students for students. The next North America IONS conference will be held at the University of Arizona at the College of Optical Sciences. The focus of the conference is to promote networking among students, have events to improve professional development skills and of course have the students present their work. There have been multiple conferences in other countries but this will be only the 2nd in North America. The conference will be in the Optical Sciences building at the University of Arizona on Friday October 1st and Saturday October 2nd.

For more information see the attached agenda or visit our IONS website at

Del Mar Photonics sponsored IONS conferences in Maryland, USA (IONS-NA-1) and Moscow, Russia (IONS-8)

Program of the IONS-NA-2

# 00:00Day 0 - September 30, 2010

# 18:00Welcome to U of A, Check-in, Icebreaker

# 00:00Day 1 - October 1, 2010

# 08:00Arrive & Breakfast
# 08:30Welcome
Dr. Eustace Dereniak
# 09:00Scientific Talks by IONS Participants
# 12:00Lunch
# 13:00Mirror lab tour & Student lab tours
# 15:45Break
# 16:00Keynote Speaker
Joseph Shaw presents "Optics in Nature"
# 17:00Keynote Speaker
Charles Falco presents "The Science of Optics: The History of Art"
# 18:00Dinner with Faculty & Social

# 00:00Day 2 - October 2, 2010

# 08:00Arrive & Breakfast
# 08:30Scientific Talks by IONS Participants
# 11:30Showcase Student Chapters
# 12:00Lunch with Panel Discussion moderated by Dirk Fabian
# 13:30Keynote Speaker
CIAN sponsored speaker Dr. Ekaterina Golovchenko presents "Technologies and Challenges in Fiber Optic Communication Systems"
# 14:30Professional Development with Peter Fiske
"Putting Your Science to Work"
# 16:30Student Poster Session & Company Exhibition
# 18:30Dinner, Laser Graffiti & Social

# 00:00Day 3 - October 3, 2010

# 10:00Optional Tours of Tucson
Desert Museum
Hiking in the Desert


Ekaterina Golovchenko
Vice President, SubCom
Charles Falco
UA Chair of Condensed Matter Physics
Professor of Optical Sciences
Professor of Physics
Peter Fiske - Professional Development
President and CEO of PAX Scientific
Joseph Shaw
Professor, Montana State University
Director, Optical Technology Center

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