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Jaws multi-terawatt Cr:forsterite laser

First available terawatt pulses at 1240 nm. We have developed a terawatt femtosecond chromium-doped forsterite (Cr4+:Mg2SiO4) laser system, based on an oscillator, regenerative amplifier and four stages of multi-pass amplifiers. The system can generate 80 fs pulses at 1240 nm wavelength, with pulse energies of 85 mJ giving a peak power range of 1-2 TW at 10 Hz.
Terawatt peak power is achieved by a technique known as chirped pulse amplification (CPA) where the femtosecond seed pulse is temporally stretched with a diffraction grating before being amplified. The pulse is then compressed after the amplifying stages. This design allows the Jaws multi-terawatt system to be assembled on a single 1.23.0 m optical table. The subsystems (oscillator, stretcher, regenerative amplifier and compressor) used in the Jaws are our standard production products. This modular approach greatly reduces the system cost and lead time when compared to other terawatt systems available. An additional advantage is that Cr:forsterite can be directly pumped at 1064 nm removing the need for more expensive frequency doubled pump lasers.
Fundamental radiation, second and third harmonics of Cr:forsterite laser are convenient for a number of applications in time-resolved spectroscopy, telecommunications, photochemistry, photobiology, plasma physics, vacuum ultraviolet, x-ray generation, and material processing. Wavelength range is also well outside the visible and shows significantly less pulse broadening in atmosphere than 800 nm.

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Phase A:

Mavericks CrF-65P Femtosecond Cr:Forsterite laser with electronic starter and fiber laser pump

1250nm, 40-80fs, 100MHz, 2nJ

FREGAT 200. Femtosecond Cr:Forsterite regenerative amplifier with Nd:YAG pump laser, stretcher (Model ASF-40), compressor (Model ACF-40),  pulse picker (Model Pismo OG12-2/1), synchronization electronics and cover box

Pump Laser 1060nm, 30ns, 30mJ, 10Hz

1250nm, 200ps, 10Hz, 0.5mJ

Delivery time: 3 months ARO   



Phase B:

2 TW System upgradable to 5TW

PumpLaser 1060nm, 30ns, 0.7J, 10Hz

Four MPA providing 1250nm, 200ps, 50mJ


Pump Laser 1060nm, 30ns, 1J, 10Hz

Two MPA providing 1250nm, 200ps, 10Hz, 200mJ


Compressor: Providing 1250nm, 60-80fs, 10Hz, 80 - 120 mJ (1 -2TW)


Delivery time: 3 months after Phase A  



Phase C:

5 TW Upgrade

1250nm, 200ps, 10Hz, 1 J before compression

1250nm, 100fs, 10Hz, 500mJ --- 50fs, 10Hz, 250mJ


Estimated delivery time: 3 months after Phase B


Notes: Phase B is built to be upgradeable to Phase C

Phase C does not include vacuum chambers. We recommend using vacuum chambers to place Phase C, however clear room conditions may be enough


Warranty: 1 year warranty included (except gratings: warranty 6 months)





2nd year warranty can be purchased for 7%

3rd year warranty can be purchased for 10%