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Lithium Iodate (a-LiIO3)

Hexagonal modification of Lithium Iodate (a-LiIO3) is grown from the aqueous solutions. Wide transparency range combined with good non-linear, acousto-optical and piezoelectric properties makes this crystal valuable for a number of applications including laser harmonics generation and different frequency mixing to obtain tunable output at 3 - 5.4 mm. Other applications are autocorrelators, AO devices manufacturing and piezoelectric sensors. Crystal is hygroscopic and requires the protection from humidity. Another limitation can be concerned with strong dependence of some LiIO3 properties (dielectric and acoustical attenuation) on the growth conditions (pH of solution).

Main properties:

Crystal Symmetry Hexagonal
Point Group 6
Lattice Constant, a = 5.4815
c = 5.1709
Density, g/cm3 4.5
Mohs Hardness 4
Melting Point, C 420
Phase Transition Point, C 247
Thermal Expansion Coefficient (10-6/K) Z|| = 48
Z^= 28
Optical Transmission, mm 0.31 - 5.5
Refractive Indices: l, mm no ne
0.633 1.8830 1.7367
1.064 1.8517 1.7168
Non-linear Optical Coeff. (pm / V at 1.064 mm) d31 = - 7.1
d33 = - 7.0
Optical Absorption (cm-1 at 1.064 mm) < 0.005
Laser Damage Threshold at 1.064 mm, MW/cm2 250

Optical elements are cut from high quality boules grown from close to neutral aqueous solutions. This ensures good crystal homogeneity, absence of inclusions and absorption bands in the whole transmission range.
Optical elements sizes are up to 20 x 20 x 40 mm.

Standard orientations are: Type I, q = 30 for SHG 1064 nm,
Type I, q = 58 for THG 1064 nm,
Type I, q = 22.5 for DFM.

Typical fabrication specs. are: 20/10 Scratch/Dig., l flatness, 1 arc. min. parallelism.

Few examples of applications of LiIO3

Lithium Iodate Crystal for second harmonic generation (SHG)

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