We'd like to exchange two (both linear and reflector) MCPs in our Bruker Reflex IV TOFMS. Although I have experience with exchange of MCPs in my previous lab-built instrument, I do not know what type (diameter, diameter and bias angle of microchannels) of MCPs is used in the Reflex IV. Can you offer MCPs that can be used as substitute of the original MCPs in Bruker Reflex IV? Maintaining high resolution (above 15 000) of the mass spectrometer is critical for us. An issue is the diameter of the microchannels; the 10 um, 10 degree angle microchannels would give theoretical limit of TOF resolution ~ 20 000. I suppose smaller diameter microchannel MCP are more expensive and more fragile.

Below is the picture of the detector.  buy online - price list



We can exchange MCP in many times of time-of-flight detectors including one shown above. Exchange is free of charge - you pay for MCP only! Or you can buy MCP from us and exchange it yourself.

Here are few examples of MCPs that we offer. For other channel sizes e-mails us at or

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