Del Mar Photonics

Electronics recommended for use with Del Mar Microchannel Plate Detectors.

List of electronics, supplied by different vendors that can be used with Microchannel Plate Assemblies.
Electronic components should be chosen in accordance with customer requirements. Electronics can be ordered separately directly from corresponding vendors, or supplied by Del Mar within MCP systems order. In some cases we may offer additional reseller discount on the brand-name products.

ORTEC Preamplifiers

Model V120
Fast Preamplifier

Model 9301
Fast Preamplifier

Model 9305
Fast Preamplifier, variable Amplification

Model 9306
1-GHz Preamplifier

Model 9326
Preamplifier for Model FASTFLIGHT

  • Adjustable amplification: 5 / 10 / 20
  • Input Noise < 100 V
  • Frequency band width 10 kHz 1 GHz


High Voltage Pulse Generator PVX-4140