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Mavericks Cr:Forsterite Femtosecond Laser (request a quote)

The electro-magnetic mode-lock starter provides mode-locking regime. This model has integrated fiber pump laser.

Pulse duration, fs < 70
Tuning range, nm 1230-1270
Output power, mW* 180-250
Recommended pump power, W 6-10
Repetition rate, MHz 75/100/125
Output stability, rms < 2%
Spatial mode TEMoo
Polarization, Linear horizontal
Divergence, mrad < 2
Crystal cooling thermoelectric
* - depends on the pump power and operating temperature

Mavericks Cr:Forsterite Femtosecond Laser Manual

New compact version of Mavericks CrF:65P chromium forsterite femtosecond laser.


Other Maverick models

Mavericks 1000 (Request a quote)
Femtosecond Cr:Forsterite laser system
Ytterbium pump laser included
Tuning range 1230-1270nm
Output power 1000 mW
Beam quality TEMoo
Polarization linear horizontal
Pulse duration <80 fs
Repetition rate 120/76 MHz (fixed)
Electronic starter included
Peltier crystal head with temperature
controller included