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Microchannel Plates

MCP is a specially fabricated plate that amplifies electron signal similar to secondary electron multiplier (SEM). Unlike SEM, MCP has several million independent channels and each channel works as independent electron multiplier. In other words, one can imagine MCP as an assembly of millions miniature SEMs. MCP consists of a two-dimensional periodic array of very-small diameter glass capillaries (channels) fused together and sliced in a thin plate. A single incident particle (ion, electron, photon etc.) enters a channel and emits an electron from the channel wall. Secondary electrons are accelerated by an electric field developed by a voltage applied across the both ends of the MCP. They travel along their parabolic trajectories until they in turn strike the channel surface, thus producing more secondary electrons. This process is repeated many times along the channel; as a result, this cascade process yields a cloud of several thousand electrons, which emerge from the rear of the plate. If two or more MCPs are operated in series, a single input event will generate a pulse of 108 or more electrons at the output.

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General Specifications

MCP Outside Diameter:  34 mm
Active Area Minimum Diameter:  28 mm
Channel Diameter:  10 micron nominal
Channel Pitch:  12 micron nominal
Thickness:  0.46 mm
Bias Angle:  10 degrees
Solid Glass Border:  No
Electrode Material:  Nichrome/Chromium
Flatness:  <50 micron = 0.002"
Minimum Gain at 700 Volts:  400
Typical Supply Voltage at 1000 gain (Un), V  750
Typical Supply Voltage at 104 gain,V  1000
Maximum Dark Current at 1000 Volts:  5 X 10-12 Amperes
Gain Uniformity:   10% maximum
Multi-to-multi Pattern Variation:   7% maximum deviation from mean
Black Spots:  None >.075 mm (.003) in active diameter
Visual Level:  Imaging quality

Microchannel Plates

Typical Electrical Data for MCP 34-10

Voltage at gain 10000, V  960
Resistance, MOhm  100
Dark Current (maximum) pA/cm2   0.52

Typical Gain Curve

Graph shows typical Gain versus Applied Voltage dependence. It can be used for estimations of the actual gain. Graph shown corresponds to Voltage at 1000 gain (Un) equal to 760V. To estimate a Gain versus Applied Voltage dependence for other Un values move line parallel to the specified Un value.


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