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Near Field Scanning Optical Microscope NSOM Godwit - request a quote

Near Field Scanning Optical Microscope NSOM Godwit is a device that enables you to get the best spatial optical resolution using the near field scanning optical microscope (NSOM) principle

Near field scanning optical microscope (NSOM) and atomic force microscope (AFM) modes of operation
NSOM images with laser and lamp illumination
Commerciaand custom NSOM probes
Near field optica and luminescence images in photon counting mode
NSOM images in collection and illumination modes
Transmission and reflection NSOM configurations
20 nm optical resolution (Raleigh criteria for spatial resolution)
State-of-the-art optical microscope console: simultaneous sample and tip observation with long working distance objectives
Femtosecond and UV excitation
True single molecule detection
Godwit-uScope data acquisition and Godwit-FemtoScan image processing software
Ambient light protection with light-tight box

Fields of application:
Molecular spectroscopy, Fluorescence, Surface science, Thin films, Biology, Chemistry, Solid state physics, Nanotechnology, Material Science, Medicine, Education, Fiber optics


XY sample scanner
20 mm diameter central opening
Maximum scan size: 40 μm x 40 μm
Minimum scan step: 0.01 nm
Maximum image size: 1024 x 1024 pixels
Maximum XY sample travel: 10 mm x 10 mm (computer controlled)

Optical resolution
50 nm typical (depends on NSOM probe and sample under investigation)

Piezo-inertial Z stage with mounted NSOM probe
Maximum Z-travel: 9 mm
Z-scanning range: 5 μm

Electronic control unit
XY stage electronics
Z stage electronics
Feedback (shear-force) electronics
Photon counting electronics
Lock-in amplifier
Connected to a computer via PCI card

Photon counter
Maximum photon counting rate: 5 x 107 cps
Dark counts: < 10 cps
Spectral response: 185 - 680 nm (185 nm - 850 nm optional)

Standard illumination sources
150 W quartz - halogen lamp
670 nm laser diode
532 nm solid state laser
488 nm Ar-ion or solid state laser
400 nm femtosecond laser

Recommended NSOM probes
633 nm single mode, Al - coated (50 - 80 nm aperture), 100 kHz resonance
400 nm single mode, Al - coated (<100 nm aperture), 32 kHz resonance

Optical unit with light-tight box: 350 (W) x 460 (D) x 460 (H)
Electronic control unit: 19 rack mountable or 170 (W) x 420 (D) x 200 (H)

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AFM (topography) image of DNA (<3 nm thickness),
deposited onto a glass slide

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High resolution MFM image of Seagate Barracuda 750Gb Hard Drive, ST3750640AS.
130 nm Ag nanoparticles immobilized on the metal surface, 3.6x3.6 um scan
Magnetic structure of surface domains in Yttrium Iron Garnet (YIG) film
Atomic resolution on HOPG obtained with the 100 micron scanner
NSOM Fluorescence image of 100 nm - diameter TransFluoSpheres
Near-field optical image of 250 nm - diameter gold beads, deposited onto a glass slide
AFM (topography) image of DNA (<3 nm thickness), deposited onto a glass slide
Near-field optical image of 100 nm - diameter polystyrene beads, deposited onto a glass slide