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Design, packaging and manufacturing of  optical systems.

Del Mar Photonics, Inc. established a new partnership to provide an opto-mechanical design and analysis services to develop an innovative and efficient solution for your optical system.  With expertise in opto-mechanical design, precision positioning mechanisms, thermal/structural analysis, drafting, assembly/integration, and product testing we can progress your design from an optical prescription to a complete drawing package and delivered hardware.  Our team has experience in design and analysis of  solid state and fiber lasers, imaging and spectroscopy systems, airborne optical reconnaissance packages, ground based and space based telescopes, IR optical dewars, Alt over Az gimbal mounts, various sensor systems, and more. Contact us today to discuss your performance requirements and specifications of your application. 

We are committed to serving the needs of the engineering community in a timely and cost effective manner.
Proven expertise in the design, analysis, fabrication, assembly/integration and testing of opto-mechanical systems. From large scale astronomic telescope to fiber optic applications, our Opto-Mechanical Design and Analysis team will develop an innovative and efficient solution for your optical system. Based upon a client's preliminary optical prescription, we will advance your design to a complete and tested prototype build. Our approach includes:

Kinematic mounting principles
Design for decoupled DOF motion
Precision positioning mechanisms
Motion controlled flexure mounting
Static Analyses
Structural Dynamics
Thermal and vibration stabilization
Static/Vibration testing
Material trade studies

Opto-mechanical assemblies are designed to meet tight optical spacing, tilt, and centration requirements. Performing structural analyses, our team can verify mechanical integrity and system performance under aggressive environmental conditions, including high g-loading conditions and extreme temperature variations. Fabrication and assembly processes are tailored to be consistent with the clients' production techniques. Detailed drawing packages are delivered to document the design, including optic drawings that define optic dimensions and tolerancing, surface figure, and coating requirements

supports a wide variety of the leading CAD and CAE programs. DESIGN & PDMANALYSISSPECIALTYUGSAnalysisMatlab™
I-deas™MSC.NASTRAN™MathCAD™Unigraphics™NX NASTRAN™NASGRO™Teamcenter™ABAQUS™CompositePRO™DassaultLS-Dyna™Zemax™ (optics)CATIA™ V5Zona ZAERO™I-deas ESC, TMG,SolidWorks™Pre- and PostMech Dynamics™AutodeskI-deas™CFX™ (CFD)Inventor™FEMAP™MasterCAM™AutoCAD™HyperMesh™LabView™Pro/ENGINEER™Patran™Quartus (CLAS) FACILITIES

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