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Lasers in the solar cell production industry

The photovoltaic industry has once again shown how an industry which regularly exceeds its own growth predictions can spur many other industries. Both the laser industry and flat glass manufacturers are doing very well from the current boom. But the potential is by no means exhausted. For example, not all production lines work with laser tools to insulate edges in crystalline solar cells. Besides, there are many further potential areas of application for lasers in the solar cell production industry. A lot of work is still being carried out in the R&D departments and we can expect to see the results of this flow into the factories in the not too distant future.

New laser applications in solar cell production that will be presented at LASER World of PHOTONICS 2009. "Lasers used in the production of photovoltaic cells" is one of the main topics of the event.



Development of next generation photovoltaic technology

Femtosecond Laser application in manufacturing efficient Photovoltaic Cells based on nano-structured materials, such as quantum dots and plasmonic enhanced thin films.
Micro and nano-structuration of silicon by femtosecond laser: Application to silicon photovoltaic cells fabrication. more

Example of  Next Generation Photovoltaic Technology under development: Plasmonic Enhanced Thin Film Silica Photovoltaic Cell. more


Del Mar Photonics development team building solar cell car and plan to participate in Solar Car Challenge more


Optical Components for Solar Industry Applications

Del Mar Photonics offers variety of custom optical components including molded glass optics. To request additional information or to get a quote for an OEM optical components for Solar Industry applications please contact us at the address below.



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