Pismo Pulse Pickers brochure - Pismo 8-1-1 manual - Del Mar Photonics


Pismo 8/10. One-channel, 8kV/500Hz-10kHz  pulse picker with  synchronization electronics

Pockels cell crystal: DKDP, 6x6x16 mm3, ARC 700-900 nm (clear aperture 5 mm)

HV pulse amplitude: up to 8 kV (HV pulse has the amplitude ~8kV with duration 10 ns at level 10% of maximum)

Repetition rate: 500 Hz 10 kHz

RF source: 30-120 MHz

RF input: optical (internal fiber coupled photodetector with plastic fiber)

System transmission: >85%

Contrast ratio: >1:1000

Also included:

Two Glan-Taylor calcite air-spaced polarizers with mounts

1.5-meter optical fiber for synchronization

LabView-compatible software