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1.The plug of fiber can not be set tightly in the controller. Here I attach some pictures showing the plug. How can I tightly insert the end of fiber into the controller?

The connector of the photodetector in the control unit is designed as a split terminal. Just loosen the nut on the input "Optical Input" (counterclockwise). Insert the end of the fiber into the aperture (depth of insertion approx. 17-18 mm). Tighten the nut (clockwise).

2.Can I use external trigger that is synchronized with our laser source in the pockels cell OG88-1? If we could do it, how to set it in the controller?

This paragraph describes the pulse picker setup for thinning out a 1 kHz pulse train to the desired frequency in a range of 0Hz…1kHz using the external trigger. The external trigger signal, that leads the optical pulse by 0.5…3 μs, is essential for proper OG88-1 pulse picker operation in this mode.


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3.Can I use 632.8 nm light through these two pockels cell OG8-1 and OG88-1? If we can do it, how much the high voltage need to be set?

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