Del Mar Photonics

Semicon West 2010 exhibitors

Exhibiting As Hall Booth Number
101 Equipment Company, Inc. South Hall 2037
3D Systems Packaging Research Center/GT North Hall 5777
3D-Micromac America North Hall 5465
3M North Hall 5552
3T & Associates, Inc. North Hall 5861
A. I. Technology, Inc. South Hall 1424
ABB Analytical Measurement South Hall 1513
Abbie Gregg, Inc. South Hall 2406
Accuassembly North Hall 6149
Achilles USA, Inc. North Hall 5979
AdValue Technology South Hall 1244
Advance Electric Co., Inc. North Hall 5979
Advanced Diamond Technologies, Inc. South Hall 2536
Advanced Dicing Technologies Ltd. (ADT) North Hall 5247
Advantech Corporation South Hall 2524
Advantek, Inc. North Hall 5467
Advantest North Hall 5553
Aehr Test Systems North Hall 5756
Aemulus Sdn Bhd North Hall 6464
AES Motomation South Hall 2407
AG Semiconductor Services, Inc. South Hall 1941
Air Liquide Electronics U.S. LP South Hall 1507
AIS Automation Dresden GmbH South Hall 1920
AIXTRON South Hall 1907
AJAX Custom Manufacturing South Hall 2336
Albany Engineered Composites South Hall 1432
Alchimer South Hall 1811
AllMotion, Inc. North Hall 6270
ALLWIN21 Corporation South Hall 1141
Alpsitec South Hall 1045
ALSI North Hall 5376
AltaStream Control Systems Inc. South Hall 731
AmeriVacS North Hall 5452
AMETEK Fluoropolymer Products South Hall 510
AMETEK Process Instruments South Hall 510
AMO Corporation North Hall 5479
Amtech Systems, Inc. South Hall 2433
Amuneal Manufacturing Corporation South Hall 2509
AnCuig Ltd. South Hall 1813
Angstrom Sun Technologies, Inc. South Hall 621
Applied Energy Systems, Inc. South Hall 916
Applied Materials, Inc. South Hall 2701
Applied Mechatronics North Hall 5879
As of June 28, 2010
Applied Microengineering Ltd. (AML) South Hall 2631
APS Materials, Inc. South Hall 1433
Ardent Concepts, Inc. North Hall 6343
Aries Electronics, Inc. North Hall 5760
Arista Corporation South Hall 1308
Arkema Inc. South Hall 1426
Asahi/America South Hall 1007
ASM Pacific Technology LTD North Hall 5956
ASML South Hall 319
Atotech USA Inc South Hall 2521
Axus Technology South Hall 810
Bach Resistor Ceramics GmbH South Hall 1827
Balazs NanoAnalysis South Hall 1511
Bay Seal Company South Hall 1010
BE Semiconductor Industries N.V. North Hall 5779
Beam Services, Inc South Hall 737
Bellcomb Technologies, Inc. South Hall 2533
Benchmark Thermal North Hall 5453
Berliner Glas kGaA South Hall 836
Beta Squared Lithography Inc. South Hall 1826
Bid Service South Hall 1201
BIGC.COM North Hall 6457
Bilz Vibration Technology South Hall 2630
Bimba Manufacturing Company South Hall 1234
Bionics Instrument Europe South Hall 1514
Boedeker Plastics, Inc. North Hall 5679
Bosch Rexroth Corporation South Hall 1031
Boschman Technologies B.V. North Hall 5563
BriskHeat Corporation South Hall 1025
Bruce Technologies Inc. South Hall 2433
Bruker AXS, Inc. South Hall 611
Bullen Ultrasonics, Inc. South Hall 530
C & D Semiconductor Services, Inc. South Hall 2335
CAD Design Software North Hall 6444
camLine Datensysteme GmbH South Hall 1920
Camtek USA Inc. South Hall 431
Capovani Brothers Inc. South Hall 1400
Carmel Chemicals, Inc. North Hall 6251
Carr & Ferrell LLP South Hall 613
CEA-Leti South Hall 1045
CEIMIG Ltd. South Hall 1813
CHA Industries South Hall 2030
Chad Industries North Hall 5251
Chiller Uptime Technologies South Hall 634
Chip Scale Review North Hall 6150
Chipworks South Hall 2535
Chroma ATE Inc. North Hall 5783
As of June 28, 2010
CI Systems Ltd. (Israel) South Hall 2117
Cicoil Corporation North Hall 5566
Cimetrix Incorporated South Hall 2331
City of Dresden, Department of Economic
Affairs South Hall 1920
CMP Solutions, Ltd. South Hall 810
Columbia River Economic Development
Council South Hall 2025
Compomax Technology Limited North Hall 6464
CONNECTEC JAPAN Corporation North Hall 5357
Contech Solutions, Incorporated North Hall 5853
CoorsTek Gaiser Precision Bonding Tool North Hall 5753
Corning Inc. North Hall 5572
Cowan & Company LLC North Hall 6281
Craftech Industries, Inc. South Hall 1211
Creative Technology South Hall 2131
Crystal Mark, Inc. North Hall 6057
CS Clean Systems Inc. South Hall 1514
CyberOptics Semiconductor, Inc. South Hall 911
DAIHEN Advanced Component, Inc. South Hall 2515
Daitron Incorporated North Hall 5979
DAS Environmental Expert GmbH South Hall 1920
DEK International GmbH North Hall 5251
DELFMEMS Microtechnologies South Hall 1045
Delta F Corporation South Hall 2016
Delta Tau Data Systems Inc. North Hall 6079
DeWeyl Tool, Inc. North Hall 6449
Digmesa AG North Hall 5975
Disco Hi-Tec America, Inc North Hall 5746
DMS (Dynamic Micro Systems) GmbH South Hall 1920
DNS Electronics, LLC South Hall 410
Dover Motion North Hall 5451
DPSS Lasers Inc. South Hall 636
DS Fibertech Corporation South Hall 1036
Duratek Inc. South Hall 2136
Durex Industries South Hall 2321
Dynatronix, Inc. South Hall 2632
E. Jordan Brookes Co., Inc. South Hall 2514
East Bay EDA North Hall 5874
Eastern Co., Ltd. North Hall 5578
Ebara Technologies, Inc. South Hall 1221
Eberts Electronics (S) Pte Ltd. North Hall 5550
ECI Technology, Inc. South Hall 2215
Edwards South Hall 2508
Ehwa Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd. North Hall 6051
Electro Chemical South Hall 612
Electro-Graph, Plansee South Hall 713
As of June 28, 2010
Emulation Technology, Inc. North Hall 5982
Ensinger, Inc. North Hall 6060
Entrepix, Inc. South Hall 2416
EO Technics Co. Ltd. North Hall 5347
EOLITE Systems South Hall 1045
ePAK International, Inc. South Hall 2330
Epoxy Technology Inc. South Hall 1207
ERS electronic GmbH South Hall 1831
ESI South Hall 2221
ETEL Inc South Hall 1615
EtherCAT Technology Group South Hall 2415
Euclid Vidaro Mfg. Co. North Hall 6447
EV Group Inc. South Hall 1225
Evans Analytical Group North Hall 5856
Evans Analytical Group South Hall 806
Everett Charles Technologies North Hall 5870
Exatron Inc. North Hall 5871
Excell Technology South Hall 1414
Exergy, LLC South Hall 2014
Exotech, Inc South Hall 2634
Expertech, Inc. South Hall 1114
Extreme Electronics: MEMS, Energy,
HBLEDs, Flexible/Printed Electronics South Hall 2541
F&K Delvotec, Inc. North Hall 5371
FAB-TECH Incorporated South Hall 706
Faeth GmbH North Hall 6061
Fenner Advanced Sealing Technologies North Hall 6371
Ferrotec South Hall 1107
Finetech, Inc. North Hall 5570
Fit-Line Inc South Hall 2034
Fluke Corporation, DH Instruments Division South Hall 1645
FM Approvals North Hall 5875
FMG Enterprises, Inc. South Hall 2426
Fogale Nanotech South Hall 1045
Foliage South Hall 413
Foothill Instruments North Hall 6144
Foresight Technologies South Hall 1415
Fortrend Corporation South Hall 1534
Foss Industries, Inc. South Hall 1427
Fralock South Hall 2612
Franklin Mechanical & Control, Inc. North Hall 6263
Friatec N.A., LLC South Hall 2325
FRT of America, LLC North Hall 6163
G&P Technology South Hall 810
Gases and Instrumentation Magazine South Hall 1642
Geib Refining Corp. North Hall 5256
As of June 28, 2010
Gelest Inc. South Hall 835
Gel-Pak North Hall 5556
Gemstar Manufacturing North Hall 6074
Genmark Automation South Hall 1715
Get Control Incorporated South Hall 1832
GigaMat Technologies, Inc. South Hall 1440
GL Automation, Inc. South Hall 1501
Glas-Col, LLC South Hall 1830
Global CyberSoft South Hall 1847
Gold Tech Industries South Hall 807
Grenoble-Isère, AEPI South Hall 1045
Grikin Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. South Hall 843
GSFCC North Hall Lower Lobby
GST South Hall 517
GTI Technologies, Inc. North Hall 5447
GuideTech North Hall 5685
HamaTech APE GmbH & Co. KG South Hall 1707
Ham-Let USA South Hall 521
Harmonic Drive LLC South Hall 831
Heateflex Corporation South Hall 1214
Heatron Inc. South Hall 906
Heidelberg Instruments South Hall 2441
Heidenhain Corporation South Hall 820
Henkel Corporation South Hall 721
Heraeus Contact Materials North Hall 5457
Heraeus Thin Film Materials South Hall 1712
Hesse & Knipps North Hall 6365
High Connection Density, Inc. North Hall 5551
Hiwin Corporation North Hall 6265
Hobbs Technical Consulting, LLC South Hall 726
Hologenix, Incorporated North Hall 5974
HORIBA/STEC South Hall 1421
HSEB Dresden GmbH South Hall 1920
H-Square Corporation South Hall 907
Huntington Mechanical Labs, Inc. South Hall 427
HVA South Hall 525
IBS - Ion Beam Services South Hall 1045
IDEMA North Hall Lower Lobby
IMAPS (International Microelectronics And
Packaging Society) North Hall Lower Lobby
IMEC South Hall 1934
IN USA, Inc. South Hall 2231
Indium Corporation North Hall 5752
Industrial Tools, Inc. North Hall 6260
Infinite Graphics South Hall 2537
Inland Vacuum Industries South Hall 812
Innolas Semiconductor GmbH South Hall 1931
As of June 28, 2010
Innovative Laser Technologies, Inc. North Hall 5259
Innovative Micro Technology (IMT) South Hall 2431
Innovative Polymers Pte Ltd. North Hall 6456
Insight interAsia South Hall 2526
Interconnect Devices Inc. North Hall 5978
Ion Systems South Hall 2125
IPC - Association Connecting Electronics
Industries North Hall Lower Lobby
IR LABS, INC North Hall 5660
Ironwood Electronics, Inc. North Hall 6261
ISC Technology Co., Ltd. North Hall 6464
IT Innovation Co., Ltd. North Hall 6370
Jabil Circuit South Hall 205
Jelight Company, Inc. North Hall 5960
JENOPTIK Optical Systems, Inc South Hall 2413
JEOL USA, Inc. North Hall 5656
JEOL USA, Inc. North Hall 5657
Jiangsu Province ZhangJiaGang Economic
Development Zone Electronic Equipment
Industrial Base South Hall 845
Jinan TMMT Stone Co., Ltd. South Hall 2214
JMC Worldwide, Inc. North Hall 6159
Johnstech International Corporation North Hall 6151
Jordan Valley Semiconductors South Hall 2607
JP Sercel Associates, Inc. South Hall 2531
JST Manufacturing, Inc. South Hall 1306
Julabo USA, Inc. North Hall 5984
Kanto Corporation South Hall 1532
Kanto Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd. South Hall 1140
KDF Electronic & Vacuum Services, Inc. South Hall 2124
Keyence Corporation of America North Hall 5661
Kitco Metals South Hall 2425
KLA-Tencor South Hall 1947
KM ACT Corp. South Hall 407
KMG Electronic Chemicals, Inc. South Hall 1240
Koetter Fire Protection International South Hall 1613
KoMiCo South Hall 635
K-Patents, Inc. South Hall 631
KSM Corporation South Hall 933
Kulim Technology Park Corporation SDN
BHD South Hall 533
Kumamoto Prefectural Government, Japan North Hall Lower Lobby
Kurt J. Lesker Company South Hall 2021
Kyzen Corporation North Hall 6356
Lam Research Corporation South Hall 1947
As of June 28, 2010
Lamcorr- Division of Laminations South Hall 2334
Lasertec U.S.A., Inc. North Hall 5565
LAUDA-Brinkmann South Hall 513
Leica Microsystems North Hall 6065
Leoni Elocab Ltd. South Hall 2516
Levitronix LLC South Hall 2408
Logitech Ltd. South Hall 712
Longhill Industries Limited North Hall 5761
Loranger International Corporation North Hall 5671
Lorring & Associates North Hall 6078
Ludl Electronic Products Ltd. South Hall 1014
M3D Co. South Hall 1135
Machine Vision Products North Hall 6362
Macquarie Electronics South Hall 2113
Mactronix, Inc. North Hall 6147
Magma Design Automation South Hall 832
Malema Sensors South Hall 1638
Mallinckrodt Baker, Inc. South Hall 1607
Mark Systems, Inc. South Hall 1801
MarTek Inc. North Hall 5473
Matech South Hall 1410
Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc. South Hall 1314
MAX I.E.G. LLC North Hall 6358
McBain Systems South Hall 1343
McNeal Enterprises, Inc. South Hall 2011
MDC Vacuum Products, LLC South Hall 411
MEARS Technologies, Inc. South Hall 2530
Medallion Technology, LLC North Hall 5675
MEECO, Inc. South Hall 1431
Megasonic Sweeping/Crest Ultrasonics South Hall 1526
Megasonic Sweeping/Crest Ultrasonics South Hall 1530
Meissner Filtration Products, Inc. South Hall 2233
Metrohm USA, Inc. South Hall 1937
Metrology Equipment Services, LLC South Hall 811
Mettler-Toledo Thornton Inc. South Hall 2512
MGC Pure Chemicals America Inc North Hall 6162
MGN International Inc. South Hall 934
Micro Assembly Technologies, Ltd. North Hall 5256
Micro Control Company North Hall 5547
Micro Modular System Sdn. Bhd. North Hall 5665
MicroE Systems North Hall 5762
MicroProcess Technologies South Hall 623
Microtronic, Inc. South Hall 607
Milara Inc. South Hall 2621
Milestone Technology South Hall 625
Miracom, Inc. South Hall 1011
As of June 28, 2010
Mitutoyo America Corporation North Hall 6246
MK Electron Co., Ltd. North Hall 5356
MKS Instruments, Inc. South Hall 1235
Modular Process Technology Corp. South Hall 2310
Modus Test, Pte Ltd North Hall 6464
Molecular Imprints, Inc. South Hall 2031
Moog Inc. South Hall 810
Moritex USA, Inc. North Hall 5560
Motion Control Systems, Inc. South Hall 910
Motion Designs North Hall 5479
MTI Corporation North Hall 5677
MULTI-LAB Quartz TEC South Hall 1813
Murata Machinery USA, Inc. South Hall 2311
MV Products Div, MASS-VAC, Inc. South Hall 1327
n&k Technology, Inc. South Hall 1434
Nada Technologies, Inc. North Hall 5976
Nano-Master, Inc. South Hall 2437
Nanometrics, Inc. South Hall 1407
Nanomotion Inc. North Hall 6351
NanoPhotonics AG South Hall 524
National Alliance for Advanced Technology
Batteries North Hall Lower Lobby
National Instruments Corporation North Hall 5682
NB Corporation of America North Hall 6165
NDC International North Hall 5857
NEHP South Hall 706
Neu Dynamics Corp. North Hall 5857
Neutronix Quintel South Hall 2631
New Way Air Bearings South Hall 1542
Newport Corporation South Hall 1807
Newport Electronics/Omega Engineering North Hall 5778
NEXT Chem Process Analyzers South Hall 2540
NEXX Systems, Inc. South Hall 1125
Nickel Systems, Inc. South Hall 632
Nidec-Read Corp. North Hall 5650
Nikon Metrology Inc. North Hall 5952
Nikon Metrology North Hall 5952
NIL Technology South Hall 627
Nippon Seisen Co., Ltd. South Hall 417
NIST - National Institute of Standards &
Technology South Hall 1614
NIST/CNST South Hall 1612
Nor-Cal Controls, Inc. South Hall 1234
Nor-Cal Products, Inc. South Hall 815
Norcimbus FCIV South Hall 1325
NorCom Systems, Inc. North Hall 6452
Nordson MARCH North Hall 5947
As of June 28, 2010
Nordson ASYMTEK North Hall 5947
Nordson DAGE North Hall 5947
Nordson EFD North Hall 5947
Novellus Systems, Inc. South Hall 2046
NSK Precision America, Inc. North Hall 5763
NTEK Consultants Ltd. South Hall 1847
NY Loves Nanotech South Hall 1015
NYE Lubricants North Hall 6175
OC Oerlikon Balzers AG South Hall 1241
Ocean Optics, Inc. South Hall 709
Odyssey Technical Solutions South Hall 1034
OEM Group, Inc. South Hall 2615
Okamoto Corporation North Hall 5370
OKOS Solutions, LLC North Hall 6280
Olympus America Inc. North Hall 6047
Olympus Integrated Technologies America North Hall 6047
Omega Engineering, Inc. North Hall 5778
Op-Test South Hall 2542
OSRAM SYLVANIA Products, Inc. South Hall 1430
Ovation Polymers, Inc. North Hall 6152
Owens Design Incorporated South Hall 615
Oxford Instruments America, Inc. South Hall 2207
Pac Tech USA North Hall 5883
Pall Corporation South Hall 1721
Palomar Technologies North Hall 6064
Park Systems, Inc. South Hall 1835
Parker Hannifin Corporation South Hall 1307
Particle Sizing Systems South Hall 834
PCT Systems, Inc. South Hall 711
PEER Group, Inc. South Hall 2121
PennWell Corporation South Hall 2007
Pentamaster North Hall 6552
Perfection Products, Inc. North Hall 6256
Perlast Limited South Hall 725
Pfeiffer Vacuum Austria GmbH South Hall 532
Photon Europe GmbH North Hall 6372
Photonics Media South Hall 1145
PI (Physik Instrumente) North Hall 6257
Piper Plastics South Hall 814
Plasma Etch South Hall 1137
Plasma-Therm LLC South Hall 2525
Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc. South Hall 2520
Plastomer Technologies South Hall 837
PMI North Hall 5365
Polymer Techniques Ltd. South Hall 516
PortaFab Corporation South Hall 927
As of June 28, 2010
Power Standards Lab South Hall 2712
Power Technology, Inc. North Hall 5963
Powermatic Associates South Hall 2027
Pozzetta Products South Hall 2224
PR Hoffman Machine Products Inc. South Hall 2433
Precision Ferrites & Ceramics, Inc. PFC South Hall 1700
Precision Plus Vacuum Parts, Inc. South Hall 515
Precision Sensors South Hall 2211
Precitec Inc. North Hall 5683
Presto Engineering, Inc. South Hall 1045
Process Technology South Hall 1625
ProTec Carrier Systems GmbH South Hall 2710
Proton Energy Systems Inc. South Hall 2423
Provac AG South Hall 524
PSI Semicon Services South Hall 307
PVA TePla AG North Hall 5670
PVA TePla America, Inc. North Hall 5670
PVA TePla Analytical Systems GmbH North Hall 5670
Qioptiq North Hall 5764
Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products South Hall 1435
Quantronix South Hall 1416
QuantumClean South Hall 435
Quarld Ltd. -Quartz World South Hall 941
Ramgraber Semiconductor South Hall 1920
RASIRC South Hall 1100
RBC South Hall 2422
Reid-Ashman Manufacturing, Inc. North Hall 5559
RENISHAW Inc. South Hall 733
Retronix Limited South Hall 1813
RF Global Solutions Ltd. South Hall 1813
RIBER SA South Hall 1045
Ricmar Sales & Service, Inc. South Hall 524
Rigaku Americas Corporation South Hall 1539
Rika Denshi America Inc. North Hall 5773
Rion Co., Ltd. South Hall 934
Rite Track South Hall 1841
RMB Products, Inc. South Hall 915
Rofin-Baasel North Hall 6156
Roos Instruments, Inc. North Hall 6181
Roth & Rau - Ortner USA, Inc. South Hall 1920
Roth & Rau Microsytems Ltd. South Hall 1920
Roth & Rau MUEGGE Gmbh South Hall 1735
Roth & Rau Muegge GmbH South Hall 1920
Royce Instruments, Inc. North Hall 5860
RPMC Lasers, Inc. North Hall 5257
Ryan Herco Flow Solutions South Hall 2216
As of June 28, 2010
Ryerson South Hall 710
SAES Pure Gas, Inc. South Hall 2225
Safe Techno Limited South Hall 1441
Saint-Gobain Ceramics South Hall 1121
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics South Hall 1121
Sales & Service Inc. 2637
Salus Engineering International South Hall 637
SAMCO International, Inc. South Hall 1217
Savantech Ltd South Hall 1813
Saxony Economic Development Corporation South Hall 1920
Saxony Economic Development Corporation South Hall 1920
Saxony State Ministry for Economic Affairs
and Labour South Hall 1920
Scancon Encoders South Hall 736
Schneeberger, Inc. North Hall 6043
Scienscope International North Hall 5458
Scottish Development International / NMI South Hall 1813
SEMCO Engineering South Hall 1310
SEMEFAB Scotland Ltd. South Hall 1813
SEMI Booth North Hall Lower Lobby
SEMI Europe Grenoble Office South Hall 1045
Semiconductor Equipment Corporation North Hall 5964
Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) North Hall Lower Lobby
Seren Industrial Power Systems, Inc. South Hall 2430
Servometer / PMG, LLC North Hall 5782
SERVTECH, Inc. South Hall 1713
SET - Smart Equipment Technology SAS South Hall 1045
Setra Systems, Inc. South Hall 1540
Shanghai YR Semiconductor Test Co. Ltd. South Hall 940
Shenyang Fortune Precision Equipment Co.,
Ltd. South Hall 841
SICO Technology GmbH, HQ South Hall 2613
Siemens Water Technologies South Hall 1331
Sierra Circuits Inc. North Hall 5775
SigmaTech, Inc. North Hall 5450
SIHI Pumps Inc. South Hall 2610
Sikama International, Inc. North Hall 6160
Silex Microsystems AB South Hall 2534
Silfex South Hall 1320
Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2) North Hall Lower Lobby
Silicon Maps, Inc. South Hall 1935
Silicon Saxony South Hall 1920
Silios South Hall 1045
As of June 28, 2010
Simax Global Services South Hall 1847
Simax Lithography BV South Hall 1841
SIMCO - Ionization for Electronics
Manufacture North Hall 6161
SIMRIT Division of Freudenberg-NOK South Hall 421
Small Precision Tools, Inc. North Hall 6171
Soitec Group South Hall 1333
Solecon Laboratories South Hall 830
Solid Sealing Technology, Inc. South Hall 1545
Solid State Cooling Systems South Hall 1212
Solid State Equipment Corporation South Hall 1113
Solid State Measurements, Inc. North Hall 5957
Sonic-Mill North Hall 6366
Sonix, Inc. North Hall 5456
Sonoscan, Inc. North Hall 5971
Soonhan Engineering South Hall 1615
Space Solutions Co., Ltd North Hall 6271
SPEA America Inc. North Hall 5577
Spectrum Integrity, Inc. North Hall 6464
SPI Supplies/Structure Probe, Inc. South Hall 2506
SPP Process Technology Systems UK
Limited South Hall 1131
SPS-Europe B.V. South Hall 2110
SST International North Hall 5965
Staubli Corporation South Hall 1515
Steed Technology, Inc. South Hall 2414
Strasbaugh South Hall 2107
Sugatsune America, Inc. North Hall 5986
Superior Automation, Inc. South Hall 1910
Surface Electro Optics., Ltd. (SEO) North Hall 5471
SurplusGLOBAL South Hall 2040
Suss MicroTec AG South Hall 1707
Swagelok Company South Hall 1521
Swan Analytical USA South Hall 2606
SYSTA Co., Ltd. South Hall 630
SYSTEMA GmbH South Hall 1920
Taconic North Hall 5759
Takex America South Hall 1727
Talon Innovations Corporation North Hall 6061
Tamar Technology South Hall 2127
Tango Systems, Inc. South Hall 2511
Tascon USA, Inc. South Hall 724
TEAM A.T.E. South Hall 1945
Techlink South Hall 1341
Technic, Inc. South Hall 2636
Technical Manufacturing Corporation South Hall 1124
As of June 28, 2010
Technotrak South Hall 2513
TechSITE North Hall North Hall 6185
TechSITE South Hall South Hall 1740
TechXPOT North Hall 5183
TECNISCO, LTD. North Hall 6344
Tec-Sem Group AG South Hall 1920
Ted Pella, Inc. South Hall 2307
Tekscan, Inc. North Hall 5662
Tem-Tech Lab Co., Ltd. South Hall 1026
Tessera, Inc. North Hall 6243
Test & Measurement World North Hall 5461
Test Tooling Solutions Group North Hall 6347
Thermcraft, Incorporated South Hall 1837
Thermionics Vacuum Products North Hall 6357
THERMCO Systems & AxR/Neves South Hall 2507
THERMOCOAX South Hall 1041
THK America North Hall 6071
Thomson Reuters (One Source Property
Tax) South Hall 2424
Tiger Optics South Hall 1431
Tokyo Electron South Hall 1531
Topcon 3D South Hall 714
Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial
Systems Corporation South Hall 1110
Tosoh SMD, Inc. South Hall 707
TOTO USA South Hall 614
Transcend Technologies (S) Pte Ltd North Hall 6464
Transfer Engineering and Manufacturing Inc. South Hall 2315
Trebor International, a Unit of IDEX
Corporation South Hall 1231
Trek, Inc. South Hall 1731
Trion Technology South Hall 1030
Trio-Tech International North Hall 6157
TSI Incorporated North Hall 5878
TUV Rheinland of North America, Inc. North Hall 6242
Tystar Corporation South Hall 931
U.S. Technologies, Inc. South Hall 531
UK Abrasives, Inc. North Hall 6076
Ultra Clean Technology South Hall 507
Ultra Tape North Hall 5557
Ultratech, Inc. South Hall 1621
Ultron Systems, Incorporated North Hall 5865
Ulvac Technologies, Inc. South Hall 1321
Umetrics South Hall 1235
Umicore Thin Film Products South Hall 535
Unitechno USA, Inc. North Hall 6164
As of June 28, 2010
US Tech South Hall 734
Vacuum Engineering & Materials, Inc. South Hall 2235
Vacuum Instrument Corporation North Hall 6262
Vacuum Research Corporation South Hall 720
Valley Design Corporation South Hall 2427
VALQUA America, Inc. South Hall 1417
Vantage Technology Corp South Hall 425
Varian, Inc. (Vacuum Technologies) South Hall 1947
VAT, Inc. South Hall 921
Verigy Ltd. North Hall 5847
Verity Instruments, Inc. South Hall 1915
Vi TECHNOLOGY North Hall 5377
View Micro-Metrology North Hall 5664
Virtual Industries Inc. North Hall 5771
Viscom, Inc. South Hall 730
Vision Components GmbH South Hall 1040
Vistec Electron Beam Lithography Group South Hall 1920
VLSI Standards, Inc. South Hall 1412
Voltaix, LLC North Hall 5757
V-TEK, Inc. North Hall 5353
W.L. Gore & Associates South Hall 2220
Wacom Corporation North Hall 6143
Wafer Power Technology South Hall 2420
WaferMasters, Inc. South Hall 914
Wanjun Engineering Penang North Hall 5564
Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company South Hall 313
West Bond, Inc. North Hall 6451
West Coast Quartz Corporation South Hall 2013
Wilden Pump & Engineering Company South Hall 1021
Wilmington Infrared Technologies, Inc. South Hall 2421
Wittenstein North Hall 5583
Worldex Industry & Trading Co., Ltd. South Hall 2013
XYZTEC North Hall 6360
Yamaichi Electronics USA, Inc. North Hall 6446
Yield Engineering Systems, Inc. South Hall 1315
Yole Developpement South Hall 2611
YSC Technologies South Hall 629
Yumin System Technology Co.,Ltd. South Hall 1546
YXLON International Inc. North Hall 5571
Zeromicron Inc. North Hall 5961
Zeus Inc. South Hall 2036
Zygo Corporation and Subsidiaries North Hall 6166