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Generation of wide terahertz radiation using bulk and quasi-phase-matched GaAs crystal
Paper 7311-9 of Conference 7311
Date: Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Author(s): Baolong Yu, Naibing Ma, Min-Yi Shih, Alexander V. Parfenov, Physical Optics Corp. (United States)

Physical Optics Corporation (POC) studied intense terahertz (THz) generation through optical rectification in bulk low-temperature growth GaAs (LG-GaAs) and quasi-phase-matched orientation pattern GaAs (OP-GaAs). POC performed simulations based on one-dimensional coupled propagation equations of THz and optical fields and conducted experimental tests. The results show that a LG-GaAs crystal with 0.5mm-thick under the excitation of a compact all-fiber femtosecond laser (76 MHz, 100 fs, 100 mW, 800 nm) can generate wide frequency range from 0.1 to 8.2 THz. The enhanced conversion efficiency was found for OP-GaAs crystal that can generate an average THz power of several milliwatts. Both theoretical and experimental results show that average THz output power is proportional to the energy fluence of the excitation source rather than the laser power for ultra-short pulse source. These achievements provide an effective approach to increase THz output power.


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