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The IR-011 is a Mid-format thermal camera based on a state of the art 25um VOx thermal detector. Due to advanced analog power and control circuitry, the camera provides high quality analog and digital video outputs. Optimal power management flexibility is provided due to the advanced TEC control circuit offering programmable FPA temperature and TEC current. To provide NUC calibration the IR-011 features a fast and silent shutter solution with superior shock resistance, even in power off mode. The shutter holding torque is software controlled, thus providing flexible user-defined trade-off between power consumption and shock resistance.
Digital video streaming is provided through the 100Mbi t Ethernet interface. For video streaming and camera control on a Windows plat form, the IR-011 is shipped with a video streaming and camera control software API . This API includes a series of control functions that al lows easy integration with custom software applications. The IR-011 software API supports Windows 2000 and Vista.
For digital video out-of-the-box, the IR-011 is shipped with a camera control application for Windows 2000 and Vista. Basic control features include: Freeze/Live, Horizontal and vertical flip, Black-Hot/White-Hot , Color palettes control , Video recorder, NUC control , Histogram display, Automatic Contrast Enhancement, Gamma correct ion, digital zoom.
Analog video is provided through a Mini-BNC connector. IR-011 supports 8-bi t RS170/CCIR video and PAL/NTSC color video with 16-bi t 5:6:5 RGB color format . For 16-bi t color video, the color output is based on either a default palette or a user defined color palette.
For non-Windows host applications the camera can be fully control led through a serial RS-232/RS-485 inter face.
State of the art VOx thermal detector
Automatic sunburn protect ion, detect ion and recovery
Advanced image processing
Monochrome analog output RS170/CCIR
Digital video over Ethernet
Programmable video palettes
Automatic Non-Uniformity Correct ion (NUC)
Remote software up-date
12/24VDC power input with automotive compliance
General specifications
Detector type Vanadium Oxide Microbolometer
Detector formats 384x288(PAL) or 320x240(NTSC)
FPA diagonal size 12 mm
Pixel pitch 25 um
Spectral range 8-14 um
NETD <50mK (300K scene, f/1, 50Hz)
Detect ion temp. range -35 to 65 C (default configuration)
Shutter cycle 600 ms with 1:64 gear (Opt ional 1:256 gear is available on request )
Shutter holding torque
Programmable, 8-bit
FPA temp. change 1 C/s (programmable TEC current )
Turn-on time 20 s Max.
Power cons. Typical 3 W
Input voltage 9-30V DC (Automotive compliance)
Lens 20 mm, f =0.85 (others on request )
Weight 550 grams
Dimensions 65 x 65 x 89 mm
Operating temp. -20 to +60C (ambient)
Storage temp. -40 to +70C (ambient)
Humidity 5-95% non condensing
Vacuum Integrity >15 years
Analog Video
Analog video RS170/NTSC or CCIR/PAL
Color formats 8-bi t monochrome or
16-bit color 5:6:5 RGB format
Frame rate 25 Hz (PAL) , 30 Hz (NTSC)
Connector Mini-BNC
Digital video
Digital video Ethernet 10/100 BaseT
Protocols UDP for video streaming
TCPIP for async. control and setup
Frame rate 25 Hz (PAL) , 30 Hz (NTSC) 1 )
Color output
Full 24 bit RGB (16-bi t to 24-bit RGB color conversion is done by IR-011software API )
IR-011 Software API
File format 32-bi t DLL for Windows OS
Windows OS Windows 2000 and Vista OS 2 )
Correct ion Color conversion
Non-Uniformity Correct ion (NUC)
Bad Pixel Replacement (BPR)
Automatic Contrast Enhancement (ACE)
Gamma correction
Conversion Black-Hot/White-Hot
Horizontal and vertical flip
10 different color palettes (digital )
1 ) The actual frame rate depends on the network complexity and load.
2 ) Digital streaming under Windows Vista OS requires administrator privileges.

Analog/Digital video surveillance applications
Homeland security
Scientific imaging
Forward observers
Machine vision

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