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I'm interested in the 3^rd harmonic generator for an amplified Ti:sapphire laser. What is the maximum pulse energy? The system is a Coherent regenerative amplifier (RegA 9000) that produces 750 mW at a repetition rate of 100 kHz, which is a pulse energy of 7.5 microjoules in 50 femtoseconds. The beam diameter is 2.7 mm.

We have tried to use a Coherent 9300 harmonic system, but it is designed for oscillator energies of nanojoules, so it is too tightly focused on the crystal and generates white light.

Please find enclosed the quotation for the TH generator along with the drawing. Please note that since the unit is non-standard the dimensions may be extended by +100 mm in length and +50 mm in width.

Third Harmonic Product brochure - Third Harmonic Generator Manual - Forth Harmonic Generator manual


Sample quote for Third Harmonic Generator for Amplified Ti:Sapphire Laser

ATsG800 Third Harmonic Generator
Second and third harmonic outputs
Input wavelength for TH 750-900 nm
Input wavelength for SH 710-960 nm
Input pulse width - >20 fs
Conversion efficiency for TH 7-8% (depends on input
Conversion efficiency for SH >30% (depends on input
Pulse broadening - <150 fs
Input pulse energy 8 μJ

Unit price: $14,000

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Third Harmonic Product brochure - Third Harmonic Generator Manual - Forth Harmonic Generator manual

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