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Ti:Sapphire femtosecond lasers Trestles
Pulse duration, fs 20-100
Standard wavelength tuning range, nm 700-960 (extended range is available in custom models)
Average output power from 150mW to 3W, depending on the pump laser. For example output power is up to 1W when using 6W pump laser.
Titanium-sapphire (or Ti:Sa) solid-state femtosecond lasers represent the conventional source of a pulsed femtosecond radiation.

Del Mar Photonics, Inc. offers now 3 designs of Trestles Ti:Sapphire femtosecond lasers:

1) one is the original Trestles also known as FemtoStart (kit/laser) with 1 meter long footprint. This model is convenient for applications which require installation of customized elements into the laser. And it is better for education since the scheme is more sparse and it is harder to scratch any optics. It can be used with any pump laser suitable to pump Ti:Sapphire lasers including several models offered by Del Mar Photonics: HPG DPSS 5W green laser - Finesse DPSS 3W to 10W green laser

2) The Trestles Finesse version with integrated Finesse DPSS laser pump. This model can be sold with preinstalled Finesse DPSS pump or sold without the pump
but ready for integration of Finesse pump laser (all models). This is more compact version with a compartment for the pump laser. Request a quote.

3) The new Trestles Compact. It is the same as Trestles Finesse, but without the compartment for the pump laser. Request a quote

Manual - Request a quote - Optical scheme - Autocorrelation - Optical Spectrum - Stability

- Multiphoton microscopy
- Seed oscillator for amplifier systems
- Terahertz generation
- Nonlinear microscopy
- "Pump-probe" spectroscopy
- Material processing
- Optical coherent tomography

  Trestles 20 (RFQ) Trestles 50 (RFQ) Trestles 100 (RFQ)
Pulse duration, fs < 20*** < 50 < 100
Tuning range, nm  780-840 740-910 710-950
Output power at 800 nm, mW* >250* (>400) >400* (>600) >500* (>800)
Pump power, W 4 (6) 4 (6) 4 (6)
Repetition rate, MHz 100 90** 90**
Output stability, typical < 1 % rms
Beam quality TEMoo
Polarization, linear horizontal
Beam divergence <2mrad
* - depends on pump power and mirror set (two mirror sets are required to cover the whole tuning range).
** - repetition rate from 75 MHz to 120 MHz according to customer specification.
*** - with external group velocity dispersion compensation.

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