Del Mar Photonics

TIS-SF-07 and FD-SF-07:

Specification of frequency stabilized CW ultra-narrow-linewidth ring Ti:Sapphire, model TIS-SF-07:

Wavelength range: 750-850 nm
Output power: > 1.5 W at 10 W pump (Verdi-V10)
Linewidth: < 3 MHz rms
Smooth scanning: > 5 GHz
Polarization: horizontally polarized output

TIS-SF-07 can be pumped with CW Nd:YVO4 lasers (532 nm, Verdi, Millenia, Finesse) as well as Yb:YAG lasers (515 nm, Versa/MonoDisk) and Ar lasers (488-514 nm).

Accessories for TIS-SF-07:
- extra standard optics set (700-770 or 850-950 nm or 900-980 nm)
- smooth scanning of 30 GHz

Also we can deliver together with TIS-SF-07 a system for reduction of long-term radiation line drift up to < 40 MHz/hour with help of precise
wavelength meter WS/Ultima from Angstrom/Toptica.

Doubler, model FD-SF-07, with one mirror set (+-10 nm around central wavelength 778 nm) and output > 250mW@389nm at 1W@778nm. FD-SF-07 is the most efficient resonant frequency doubler for CW single-frequency lasers
in the present market.