Femtosecond Laser System Delivered to Govt. College University, Lahore, Pakistan

Trestles 50 one-box femtosecond Ti: sapphire oscillator:

• Pulse duration: < 50 fs
• Tuning range: 750 nm – 850 nm
• Output power at 800 mW: > 400 mW
• Pulse repetition rate: 83 MHz
• Output beam diameter: 2-3 mm
• Built-in 5W HPG Elforlight diode pumped solid state pump laser is included
• Installation is included

Wedge 50 femtosecond multipass Ti: sapphire amplifier
including pulse stretcher, pulse compressor, pulse picker, synchronization electronics, and Darwin 527-30M diode pumped Nd: YLF pump laser with chiller:

• Pulse rep. rate: 1 kHz, single shots are possible
• Operation wavelength: 800 nm ±20 nm
• Output pulse energy: 1 mJ at 1 kHz
• Pulse duration: < 50 fs
• Installation is included

Reef femtosecond single-shot autocorrelator

Laptop computer with ACore software for autocorrelation function measurements

Thorlab 2.5 x 1.25 m Stable Top 350 Series I optical table with Pump & Go isolators, set of 4

On-line UPS compatible with laser system and chiller having online 30% extra load capacity for the system and minimum 10 minute backup time

Fieldmaster GS power meter with LM10 head

Diode laser for beam aligner, included to the item 2

Optical tissue, included to the tem 2

Protective eyewear compatible with laser system wavelength, included to the item 2

Laser beam focusing lenses of focal length 10, 20, 50 cm diameter 5 cm
Window having maximum transmission at laser wavelength of diameter 5 cm

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Product Data Sheets

Del Mar Photonics Product brochures - Femtosecond products data sheets (zip file, 4.34 Mbytes) - Del Mar Photonics

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Pulse strecher/compressor
Avoca SPIDER system
Buccaneer femtosecond fiber lasers with SHG Second Harmonic Generator
Cannon Ultra-Broadband Light Source
Cortes Cr:Forsterite Regenerative Amplifier
Infrared cross-correlator CCIR-800
Cross-correlator Rincon
Femtosecond Autocorrelator IRA-3-10
Kirra Faraday Optical Isolators
Mavericks femtosecond Cr:Forsterite laser
OAFP optical attenuator
Pearls femtosecond fiber laser (Er-doped fiber, 1530-1565 nm)
Pismo pulse picker
Reef-M femtosecond scanning autocorrelator for microscopy
Reef-RTD scanning autocorrelator
Reef-SS single shot autocorrelator
Femtosecond Second Harmonic Generator
Spectrometer ASP-100M
Spectrometer ASP-150C
Spectrometer ASP-IR
Tamarack and Buccaneer femtosecond fiber lasers (Er-doped fiber, 1560+/- 10nm)
Teahupoo femtosecond Ti:Sapphire regenerative amplifier
Femtosecond third harmonic generator
Tourmaline femtosecond fiber laser (1054 nm)
Tourmaline TETA Yb femtosecond amplified laser system
Tourmaline Yb-SS femtosecond solid state laser system
Trestles CW Ti:Sapphire laser
Trestles femtosecond Ti:Sapphire laser
Trestles Finesse femtosecond lasers system integrated with DPSS pump laser
Wedge Ti:Sapphire multipass amplifier

Ti:Sapphire Laser Kits

We are approaching new phase when more and more community colleges and relatively small Universities want to add femtosecond lasers to their research and education labs. They want to get basic kits to teach students from ground up. Del Mar Photonics has a special offer how build femtosecond laser educational course in the most economical way.

The easiest way is to start from CW Ti:Sapphire laser and later upgrade to femtosecond laser. Note that in order to upgrade to fs it's necessary to have fs mirrors
initially (2 sets to cover whole range). It's also possible to start with a single CW 700-1000 set, and then add two fs sets later.

The specifications for the kit with femtosecond mirrors are as follows:

CW Ti:Sapphire laser kit

Tuning range (@10W pump): 710-980 (two optics sets) or 730-870 nm (one optics set)
CW output power (@10 W pump, 800 nm): >1800 mW
CW wavelength tuning is available only with appropriate options (see below)
CW linewidth:
<45 GHz
<20 GHz (with 1 etalon)
<2 GHz (with 2 etalons)

Femtosecond Ti:Sapphire laser kit
Fs output power (@10W pump, 800 nm): >1300 mW
Repetition rate: 80 MHz
Pulse duration: <100 fs
Spatial mode: TEMoo
Polarization: linear horizontal

Note: Closed-loop chiller or tap water circulation required for operation (included in the recommended pump laser)

Del Mar Photonics can offer:

CW Ti:S laser kit with small breadboard, one mirror set - request  a quote

CW kit setup with manual BRF (birefringent filter) shown together with a green DPSS pump laser, laser power meter and spectrometer

fs upgrade (2 prisms combined with manual wavelength tuning slit assembly, additional mirror with mount) - request a quote

Additional options and components:
Additional mirror set  - request a quote
Main breadboard (houses all elements) and cover box - request a quote
Upgrade to thermally stabilized main breadboard for greater stability - request a quote

CW options:
Manual 3-plate BRF filter for CW wavelength tuning - request a quote
USB 3-plate BRF for CW wavelength tuning with software - request a quote
Thick (thin) etalon with mount (manual tuning) - request a quote
Thick (thin) etalon with mount (step motor controlled tuning) - request a quote

fs options:
Electronic starter with TTL output for femtosecond Ti:sapphire laser kit - request a quote
Upgrade to USB step motor controlled tuning slit with software - request a quote

Ti:Sapphire Laser kits
 Model   Product Name+   Price   Buy Now 
 CW-Ti:Sa-Kit-Basic   CW Ti:S laser kit with small breadboard, one mirror set   $14,250.00  Buy Now 
 FS-Upgrade   FS upgrade for CW-Ti:Sa-Kit-Basic   $4,950.00  Buy Now 
 FS-CW-Ti:Sa-Kit-Basi   FS CW Ti:Sa laser kit with small breadboard, one mirror set   $19,200.00  Buy Now 
    Additional mirror set   $1,980.00  Buy Now 
    Main breadboard (houses all elements) and cover box   $2,310.00  Buy Now 
    Upgrade to thermally stabilized main breadboard for greater stability   $2,640.00  Buy Now 
    USB 3-plate BRF for CW wavelength tuning with software   $5,370.00  Buy Now 
    Manual 3-plate BRF filter for CW wavelength tuning   $3,550.00  Buy Now 
    Thick (thin) etalon with mount (manual tuning)   $870.00  Buy Now 
    Thick (thin) etalon with mount (step motor controlled tuning)   $2,775.00  Buy Now 
    Electronic starter with TTL output for femtosecond Ti:sapphire laser kit   $2,800.00  Buy Now 
    Upgrade to USB step motor controlled tuning slit with software   $2,750.00  Buy Now 


Del Mar Photonics is your one stop source for ultrafast (femtosecond) as well as continuum wave (CW) narrow linewidth Ti:Sapphire lasers Trestles LH Ti:Sapphire laser
Trestles LH is a new series of high quality femtosecond Ti:Sapphire lasers for applications in scientific research, biological imaging, life sciences and precision material processing. Trestles LH includes integrated sealed, turn-key, cost-effective, diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS). Trestles LH lasers offer the most attractive pricing on the market combined with excellent performance and reliability. DPSS LH is a state-of-the-art laser designed for today’s applications. It combines superb performance and tremendous value for today’s market and has numerous advantages over all other DPSS lasers suitable for Ti:Sapphire pumping. Trestles LH can be customized to fit customer requirements and budget.

Reserve a spot in our Femtosecond lasers training workshop in San Diego, California.

DPSS DMP LH series lasers will pump your Ti:Sapphire laser. There are LH series lasers installed all over the world pumping all makes & models of oscillator. Anywhere from CEP-stabilized femtosecond Ti:Sapphire oscillators to ultra-narrow-linewidth CW Ti:Sapphire oscillators. With up to 10 Watts CW average power at 532nm in a TEMoo spatial mode, LH series lasers has quickly proven itself as the perfect DPSS pump laser for all types of Ti:Sapphire or dye laser.
Ideal for pumping of:

Trestles LH Ti:Sapphire laser
T&D-scan laser spectrometer based on narrow line CW Ti:Sapphire laser

New laser spectrometer OB' for research studies demanding fine resolution and high spectral density of radiation within UV-VIS-NIR spectral domains New laser spectrometer T&D-scan for research  that demands high resolution and high spectral density in UV-VIS-NIR spectral domains - now available with new pump option!
The T&D-scan includes a CW ultra-wide-tunable narrow-line laser, high-precision wavelength meter, an electronic control unit driven through USB interface as well as a software package. Novel advanced design of the fundamental laser component implements efficient intra-cavity frequency doubling as well as provides a state-of-the-art combined ultra-wide-tunable Ti:Sapphire & Dye laser capable of covering together a super-broad spectral range between 275 and 1100 nm. Wavelength selection components as well as the position of the non-linear crystal are precisely tuned by a closed-loop control system, which incorporates highly accurate wavelength meter.

Reserve a spot in our CW lasers training workshop in San Diego, California.