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Featured Inquiry 1:

I am interested in finding out more information about your triggered spark gaps for a project I am working on. My requirements are a standoff of up to 40 kV, a peak current of around 10 kA, a pulse energy of 100 J, and a pulse rep rate of 20 Hz. I also need a very long life gap. At least 10^8 firings. Can you provide a product to meet these requirements?

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Featured inquiry 2:

We are making an Ignitor for Igniting a 250W Xenon ARC. Lamp and we need a suitable Ignitor which can generate voltage of up to 40KV for ignition of Xenon Lamp.  Please see the picture of the reference Spark gap as an attachment. We require a device which has a similar working to this spark gap shown in the picture.  The coil or the transformer we have already made and it works well with the spark gap shown in picture.
Please suggest suitable model which falls under your range of production so that we may start trials and freeze ASAP.

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Hydrogen Thyratrons are used in such devices as radars with different power levels, high-power pulsed technical, electrophysical, medical devices and lasers. Sophisticated design and high quality ceramic-metal envelope determines long lifetime and very accurate and reliable operation of hydrogen thyratrons under wide range of environmental conditions. DMPTGI 1-50/6
- radars
- pulsed  lasers power supplies
- medical apparatus
- electrophysical instrumentation

Triggered Three-Electrode Spark Gap Switches are ceramic-metal sealed off gas discharge trigatron-type devices with a co-axial trigger electrode. These Gas Discharge Tubes contain no mercury and, due to an advanced design, feature high reliability and a long lifetime being operating under wide range of environmental conditions.
- pulsed installation for processing materials
- installations with plasma focus
- pulse power supplies for lasers and other pulse equipment
- medical apparatus such as lithotriptors and defibrillators
- processing systems for petroleum wells


DMPTGI 1-50/6 thyratron request a quote
Anode voltage: 1-6 kV
Reverse anode voltage: 0.5-1.5 kV
Anode current in pulse: 50 A
Anode current average: 0.12 A
Current anode impulse time:0.2-4.0 microseconds
Steepness of anode current pulse edge: 0.25 x 109 A/s
Pulse repetition rate: 1100 pulse/s
Warm-up time: 3 minutes
Heater current: 7 A
Diameter: 50 mm
Height: 76 mm
NOTE: Thyratron operate at pulse repetition rate to 50000 pulse/s on condition of decrease pulse and average power.


Trigger Transformers
Del Mar Photonics supply trigger transformers for triggered spark gaps and other applications. Contact us to today to discuss your application or requesta  quote.
Trigger Transformers are used to provide a fast high voltage pulse up to 30kV/Ás and more. This high voltage pulse is applied to the trigger electrode to initiate switching action in the three-electrode spark gaps. Either positive or negative pulses can be obtained from all of the transformers.