Two-photon Photodynamic Therapy using Trestles femtosecond Ti:Sapphire Laser

Del Mar Photonics customer Dr. Alex Karotki wrote:

I work on a 2-photon photodynamic therapy (PDT) project which aims at applying two-photon PDT for treatment of age related macular degeneration in the eye. The rationale is that two-photon excitation allows more targeted treatment reducing collateral damage. It is particularly important for the eye because treatment is done near fovea which is responsible for central vision. Any damage to healthy tissue may lead to large decrease of visual acuity. The project involves several Canadian universities including University of Calgary (Dr. David Cramb) and University of Toronto (Dr. Brian Wilson; I am his postdoc).

There are not that many papers about two-photon PDT. This area of research is relatively new and untouched. I attached three papers:
1. Application of ex ovo chicken ....   - Describes work done in David Cramb's lab.
2. Simultaneous two-photon excitation of Photofrin.... - Describes work done in Brian Wilson's lab.
3. Efficient singlet oxygen generation ... - Gives small description of two-photon PDT.

All three papers contain references of other papers relevant to two-photon PDT. But as I already mentioned, there is not much out there.

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Dr.Alex Karotki visiting Del Mar Photonics booth during Photonics West 2007.

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