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Developing new ultrafast dynamics tools for research in dynamics of molecules of biological interest

The project aims at investigating dynamical properties of small biologically relevant molecular systems in a well characterized environment with a strategy following a step by step approach going from small model systems towards the biological complexity. We want to study the relationship between structure/conformation, dynamical properties and, in the long term, biological function. The work will focus, but not exclusively, on carbohydrates, from the simplest ones trapped in cryogenic solids towards larger and/or more complex molecular assemblies and environments. These molecules feature a very large conformational diversity and selectivity which make them play a central role in molecular recognition processes. Their vibrational dynamics will be studied at the pico- and femtosecond timescales by means of pump-probe and photon echoes experiments, the optical analog methods to NMR. The analysis of vibrational coherence, a very sensitive probe of environment influence, will yield to information on the nature of the non-covalent interactions underlying the fundamental processes of solvation, chemical reactivity and biological function.

It is open to candidates with a strong background of molecular physics or physical chemistry. Experience with infrared spectroscopy, femto/picosecond laser as well as being familiar with basic knowledge on vibrational coherence and non-linear spectroscopy will be appreciated. Being acquainted to cryogenic techniques can also be helpful.

Ultrafast Dynamics System

Del Mar Photonics offer complete Ultrafast Dynamics System. Examples of the table schematics is shown on the pictures:

Ultrafast Dynamics Laser System includes Ti:Sapphire Laser, Transient Absorption Spectrometer and Fluorescence Up-Conversion

Ultrafast Dynamics System includes:

Teahupoo Rider High Repetition Rate Amplified Ti:Sapphire Laser
Beacon Up-Conversion Spectrometer
Hatteras Transient Absorption Spectrometer
Femtosecond Harmonics Generator

Teahupoo Rider and other options for Amplified Ti:Sapphire Laser

1. We offer integrated oscillator/amplifier system Teahupoo Rider. Teahupoo Rider is a fully-integrated all-in-one-box system that includes Trestles Finesse oscillator or Buccaneer SHG diode-pumped fiber oscillator, pulse stretcher, regenerative amplifier pumped by multi kHz Nd:YAG pump laser and pulse compressor. Teahupoo Rider has a factory preinstalled repetition rate of 2, 5 or 10kHz and ideal for low cost femtosecond micromachining systems, OPA pumping, ultrafast spectroscopy and variety of applications in life sciences.

One-box system Trestles Finesse that include Trestles mini Ti:Sapphire oscillator and built in DPSS pump laser

When choosing specific Trestles Finesse model please indicate required CW pump power (4W or 6W), Ti:Sapphire pulse duration and required tuning range (or tuning range, where you want to achieve maximum performance)

Tuning range can be customized at the factory by choosing one of standard or custom made optics set. Typical tuning curves for 4W CW pump laser for two standard optics sets are shown in the Trestles Finesse brochure. For example, with 4W CW pump laser and long-wave mirrors set tuning range can be extended up to 940nm. With 6W CW pump laser tuning range can be extended up to 980nm.

2. If you already have a Ti:Sapphire oscillator, we can offer you stand alone Ti:Sapphire amplifier. Two standard models are available: Wedge M multipass or Wedge R regenerative.

Ti:Sapphire oscillator and multipass amplifier

Each amplifier is customized to the customer's amplifier pump laser.

2. Custom Teahupoo Rider systems with a pump laser of your choice are also available. Depending on the required specifications we can recommend a pump laser and make required adjustments for optimum performance.
The following specifications can be achieved:
Repetition rate: single pulses, 10 Hz up to 10kHz
Pulse duration: 100fs, 50fs, 30fs, <30fs
Pulse energy: from 100 mJ per pulse to few mJ per pulse
Tunability: both fixed wavelength and tunable options are available - please indicate required tuning range.


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