Ultra-fast optical devices (~1 TB/s) in InAIGaAsSB material structures

Inter-sub-band transitions in quantum wells has opened the possibility of ultra-fast optical switches, modulators, regenerators, and lambda-converters. Ultra-fast operation, >/= 1 TB/s at telecom wavelength 1.55 mm  requires low energy </= 300 fJ per pulse and can be studied using femtosecond fiber laser Tamarack. Material properties are studied with optical pump-probe using set ups similar to Hatteras and Beacon.

Del Mar Photonics recently entered in research cooperation on development and testing ultra-fast telecom optical devices with leading US research center. Del Mar Photonics will provide femtosecond fiber lasers and other instrumentation required as well as cash compensation for ongoing research.

Del Mar Photonics is looking for additional research collaborations in development and testing of all-optical switches and other ultra-fast optical devices. Limited number of research grants are available to qualified researches.

To apply, e-mail us at alloptical@dmphotonics.com

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Ultrafast fiber lasers: Er-doped fiber - Yb-doped fiber