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Tetrahedral diamond-like carbon films (ta-C) were deposited by femtosecond pulsed laser deposition (PLD) on various substrates, including 316L stainless steel and ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, in perspective to extend the wear resistance of materials used in hip joints. Usually films are deposited by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition or by PLD, principally performed with laser pulse duration in the nanosecond range. In the present study, DLC films were deposited by femtosecond laser ablation in high vacuum conditions at room temperature. The 800 nm, 150 fs laser pulses are generated by a mode-locked Ti:Sapphire laser, including an amplification stage. The fluence ranges from 1 to 6 J/cm. Sputter cleaning of the substrates in an argon atmosphere prior carbon deposition was widely investigated; the adhesion of the films onto the stainless steel substrates was then considerably enhanced by removing the contamination and oxidized top-coats. The adhesion properties of films deposited in various conditions on 316L stainless steel substrates were studied by tensile tests. The films exhibit high wear resistance with moderate hardness (in the 20-30 GPa range), which may be favorable for the accommodation motion between contacting surfaces in a hip joint.


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Femtosecond Ti:Sapphire oscillators and amplifiers from Del Mar Photonics

Del Mar Photonics is please to announce several new Ti:Sapphire oscillator and amplifier products. Now Del Mar Photonics' customers can choose one of the following oscillator and amplifier options:

Femtosecond Ti:Sapphire Oscillator

1. If you already have a CW pump laser or plan to buy specific model and need only Ti:Sapphire oscillator we can offer our stand alone Ti:Sapphire lasers Trestles, that do not include pump laser and can be customized for any suitable CW pump.

Please indicate required pulse duration (standard models have 20 fs, 50 fs and 100 fs pulses) and tuning range. Let us know what kind of pump laser you have (make/model) so we can confirm what output parameters can be achieved.

2. If you do not have a pump laser and want to buy complete system we can offer you one of the following:
One-box system Trestles Finesse that include Trestles mini Ti:Sapphire oscillator and built in DPSS pump laser

When choosing specific Trestles Finesse model please indicate required CW pump power (4W or 6W), Ti:Sapphire pulse duration and required tuning range (or tuning range, where you want to achieve maximum performance)

Tuning range can be customized at the factory by choosing one of standard or custom made optics set. Typical tuning curves for 4W CW pump laser for two standard optics sets are shown in the Trestles Finesse brochure. For example, with 4W CW pump laser and long-wave mirrors set tuning range can be extended up to 940nm. With 6W CW pump laser tuning range can be extended up to 980nm.

Femtosecond Ti:Sapphire Amplifier

1. We offer integrated oscillator/amplifier system Teahupoo Rider. Teahupoo Rider is a fully-integrated all-in-one-box system that includes Trestles Finesse oscillator or Buccaneer SHG diode-pumped fiber oscillator, pulse stretcher, regenerative amplifier pumped by multi kHz Nd:YAG pump laser and pulse compressor. Teahupoo Rider has a factory preinstalled repetition rate of 2, 5 or 10kHz and ideal for low cost femtosecond micromachining systems, OPA pumping, ultrafast spectroscopy and variety of applications in life sciences.

2. If you already have a Ti:Sapphire oscillator, we can offer you stand alone Ti:Sapphire amplifier. Two standard models are available: Wedge M multipass or Wedge R regenerative.

Ti:Sapphire oscillator and multipass amplifier

Each amplifier is customized to the customer's amplifier pump laser.

2. Custom Teahupoo Rider systems with a pump laser of your choice are also available. Depending on the required specifications we can recommend a pump laser and make required adjustments for optimum performance.
The following specifications can be achieved:
Repetition rate: single pulses, 10 Hz up to 10kHz
Pulse duration: 100fs, 50fs, 30fs, <30fs
Pulse energy: from 100 mJ per pulse to few mJ per pulse
Tunability: both fixed wavelength and tunable options are available - please indicate required tuning range.

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