Fused Silica Transmission Gratings by Ibsen - High Five!

Updated: 16 March 2007

Ibsen Fused Silica transmission gratings provide: - High efficiency - High power - High stability - High resolution - High flexibility

Recent developments in transmission gratings have dramatically increased application areas for transmission gratings. Historically, diffraction gratings have been produced mainly as reflection gratings by a ruling and replication process in polymers/epoxies, coated with metals. Only for the most demanding applications were transmission gratings produced - with non-matured and expensive process technologies or unstable polymers or gelatins.

But today, Ibsen has developed process technology and established production lines that allow for the manufacture of transmission gratings at prices equal to reflection gratings, but with superior features and specifications:

* 100% Fused silica provides unbeatable thermal and environmental stability
* 100% Fused silica provides unbeatable energy and power damage handling capacity, from UV to NIR

* Each grating is a master - holographically recorded and RIE etched - but produced in high volume quantities
* Holographic recording provides lowest stray light
* High diffraction efficiency designs - beyond 95% - are possible
* Low PDL designs are possible

* Transmission gratings solve the issue of overlapping input and output plane, providing more module/device design freedom

* 100% Class 10 cleanroom produced

Whatever the application - Ibsen transmission gratings offer advantages over reflection gratings:

Spectrometers: Spectrometer design is facilitated by transmission gratings. Furthermore, transmission gratings can meet or beat reflection grating diffraction efficiencies over broad spectra - without spectral anomalies that reflection gratings are well known for.

Laser pulse compression: 100% Fused silica is unbeatable for
energy/power/temperature handling. Furthermore wavefront distortion is better than lambda/4 @ 633 nm.

Telecom modules: For ROADM/WSS modules, Ibsen's PING gratings provide 90% efficiency, < 0.25 dB PDL and exceptional incidence angle tolerant, while at the same time being intrinsically Telcordia compliant without epoxies, polymers or gelatins.

Space / defense / scientific / medical: For all demanding applications, Ibsen can provide fused silica transmission gratings with highest diffraction efficiencies, lowest stray light / wavefront distortion, highest power handling capabilities, grating areas small and large, with grating resolutions up to 5000 lines/mm - in volumes from 1 to many thousand.

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About Ibsen

Ibsen Photonics is a leading supplier of holographic Phase masks and
transmission diffraction gratings. Ibsen Photonics also offers a portfolio of Diffractor based spectrometer modules based on more than 10 years' experience in transmission diffraction gratings.

Ibsen Photonics welcomes partnerships with original equipment manufacturers based on the Ibsen Diffractor technology platform.


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