Del Mar Photonics Announces New Mavericks (TM) Long Wavelength Femtosecond Laser for Scientific Research and Enhanced Biological Imaging

SAN DIEGO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Del Mar Photonics, Inc. expands in vivo cell and tissue imaging capabilities with Mavericks, a long wavelength femtosecond laser. With wavelength tunable within the range of 1.21 - 1.29 mm, Mavericks combines the advantages of femtosecond optical engineering and fiber-optic technologies. Cr:forsterite can be directly pumped with ytterbium fiber laser, offering a significant reduction in system cost. Mavericks use as a pump fiber lasers manufactured by IPG Photonics, which are compact, feature high conversion efficiency, and their output power exceeds 10 W for an operating life more that 10,000 hours. In addition a high quality and stability of the laser beam emitted provide a convenient and reliable coupling of its radiation to the resonator of a femtosecond laser.

Wavelengths in the 1250 nm range are less damaging to biological samples. It falls in the transparency window of most biological tissues, allowing deep tissue penetration with minimal photo damaging and making Mavericks a valuable source for advanced imaging and microscopy techniques. Frequency doubling and tripling produce wavelengths in the visible at 625 nm and 415nm that can be easily observed and detected with high efficiency, and supercontinuum generation in photonic crystal fiber produces pulses in the infrared and visible range.

"We continue to expand our broad portfolio of femtosecond laser technologies," said Sergey Egorov, President of Del Mar Photonics, Inc. "With the high bandwidth and extremely short pulse duration of femtosecond lasers researchers are pushing the bounds of chemical and biological imaging. We look forward to applying our latest advances in novel imaging technologies, especially for deep tissue in vivo imaging of neuronal activity. Mavericks is already used in research groups in Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Korea and Russia. With recent deliveries of Mavericks lasers to UCLA, Neurology Department and to Harvard University we expect to start successful implementation of this technology to worldwide neurobiology research community.”

Mavericks lasers target novel imaging applications in many areas of cell research including cell growth, cell proliferation, and cell trafficking. In neuroscience research, Mavericks imaging of live neuron signaling is providing additional insight in brain functions, mechanisms of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s decease, migraine headaches and brain tumor multiplication. Mavericks lasers show high potential to serve as an excellent excitation source for advanced imaging including multiphoton, harmonic generation and CARS microscopy, FRET imaging and optical coherence tomography.

Contacts Del Mar Photonics, Inc. Sergey Egorov, President and CEO, 858-876-3133 Fax: 858-630-2376

Del Mar Photonics Announces New Mavericks (TM) Long Wavelength Femtosecond Laser for Scientific Research and Enhanced Biological Imaging


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