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Advance Accelerator Concepts Workshop


The 11th Advance Accelerator Concepts Workshop will be held in the Student Activity Center on the Stony Brook University campus from June 21 - 26, 2004. The workshop is organized by Stony Brook University and the Brookhaven National Laboratory's Accelerator Test Facility.

The Stony Brook University Student Activities Center (SAC) will be the venue for the workshop sessions, the opening reception, and registration material pick-up. Attendees may pick up their registration materials either during the opening reception on Sunday evening (6:00-8:30 PM), or on Monday morning. The registration desk will be located in the main lobby of the SAC until Tuesday. After that, attendees may contact the workshop secretary in the workshop office located in SAC room 312 on the third floor.

The name "Advanced Accelerator Physics" covers LONG TERM research and development in accelerator physics. It includes R&D of new concepts, devices and technologies in accelerator and beam physics.

Some of the topics in Advanced Accelerator R&D are laser acceleration of electrons, wake field acceleration, novel high power rf sources, new diagnostics, Free-Electron Lasers, generating high brightness electron beams etc.

Laser acceleration methods cover many approaches, such as the use of plasma beat-waves, plasma wake-fields, Inverse-Cerenkov Acceleration, Inverse FEL Acceleration and more. The community doing research in these long-term Accelerator and Beam Physics R&D topics meets at Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshops to exchange ideas, promote the research in this field and provide a forum for publication of new ideas in this field.

The Advanced Accelerator Concepts workshop is the only acknowledged and fully sponsored forum that provides a platform for inter- and cross-disciplinary discussions on various aspects of advanced accelerator and beam physics/technology concepts covering a wide range of applications--from High Energy Colliders to Synchrotron Radiation Sources. The wide scope of the workshop includes new methods of particle acceleration to high energies, techniques for production of ultrahigh gradient electromagnetic fields in the laboratory, diagnostics and control of particle/photon beams to ultra-short dimensions and ultrafast time scales, and various energy and beam sources.

Jaws Laser System Cr:Forsterite Multi-Terawatt Amplified Laser
Cortes-E Femtosecond TW Laser - description
Cortes-800 40 TW 30 fs Amplified Ti:Sapphire Laser
Cortes-O 200 TW Femtosecond Laser
Cortes-K Femtosecond Seed Laser for Petawatt KrF Excimer Laser
OPCPA 200TW laser