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Table Top Ultra High Intensity Ti:Sapphire Laser Cortes-E




Table Top Ultra High Intensity Laser


 Laser Oscillator


Trestles Finesse
Ti:sapphire based 50 fs laser oscillator with built in DPSS pump laser.
Pulse width: sub 50 fs
Tunable range: 775-850 nm
Repetition rate: 83 MHz
Average output power: ≥ 350 mW (at 3 W pump power, pump conversion efficiency 12-15%)
Energy stability (±% p/p): < 3%
Noise: < 1%
Spatial mode:  TEM00
Beam diameter at 1/e2: < 2 mm
Beam divergence: < 3 mrad
Polarization: linear-horizontal
Table top dimensions: 942 X 360 X 192 mm

DPSS Pump Laser
> 4 W
Wavelength: 532 nm
Beam size: 2.5 mm
Transverse mode: TEMoo
Divergence: < 0.4 mrad
M2 < 1.1
Power stability (rms) < 1.0 %
Noise (1Hz-6MHz - rms) < 0.5 %
Polarization ratio: 100:1
Supply Voltage: 220 VAC 50-60 Hz

SHG Unit Trestles
Input Wavelength: 715-950 nm
Output Wavelength: 357-475 nm
Efficiency: >12%
Pulse Broadening: <50 fs
Input Polarization: Linear, Horizontal
Output Polarization: Linear, Vertical
Nonlinear crystal: BBO, angle tuning





Pulse Stretcher

Amplifier Stages



Grating Stretcher

All reflective grating based pulse stretcher with 1200 lines/mm grating, stretching factor - >10 000 for 20-fs pulses. Output 300 ps.

Wedge -MPA8-10*

Ti:sapphire 8-pass multipass amplifer, pulse picker and synchronization electronics included

Energy per pulse: 1 mJ
Repetition rate: 10 Hz
Contrast ratio: > 10^6:1
Stability: < 3 %
(*regenerative amplifier can be provided for first stage on customer request)

Wedge-MP-10 Pre-Amplifier

First amplification stage, 4 pass Ti:sapphire amplifier
Energy per pulse: 30 mJ
Repetition rate: 10 Hz
Contrast ratio: > 10^6:1
Stability: < 3 %

Wedge-M4-10 Power Amplifier

Second stage of amplification  4-pass amplifier
Energy per pulse: >200 mJ
Repetition rate: 10 Hz
Contrast ratio: > 10^6:1
Stability: < 3 % 

Amplifier Pump Laser 1

Pump laser for Wedge-MPA8 and Wedge-MP-10 Pre-Amplifier

Q-switched Nd:YAG Diode Pumped Laser
Wavelength: 532 nm
Pulse energy: 280 mJ
Repetition rate: 10 Hz
Pulse length: 10 ns 

Amplifier Pump Laser 2

Pump Laser for Wedge-M4-10 Power Amplifier

Q-switched Nd:YAG Diode Pumped Laser
Wavelength: 532 nm
Pulse energy: 800 mJ
Repetition rate: 10 Hz
Pulse length: 10 ns 

GP50-10 Grating Pulse Compressor

All reflective grating compressor

Pulse Length: < 60 fs
Energy per pulse: 100 mJ
Repetition rate: 10 Hz
Contrast ratio: > 10^6:1
Stability: < 3 %
Electric: 220 VAC, 50-60Hz
System will be assembled and installed on a single vibration damped optical table


Laser Output:

Pulse Length: < 60 fs
Energy per pulse: 100 mJ
Repetition rate: 10 Hz
Contrast ratio: > 10^6:1
Stability: < 3 %
Tuning range: 790-810 nm fro 50 fs pulses
Gaussian beam: M^2 < 1.1
Beam diameter: 4 mm after focusing

A.5, B

 Beam Diagnostics


Laser Power Meters

Power meters will be provided to measure pump and seed power at different stages in the system.

PM-3: Low power meter for laser oscillator 0.03-3W
PM-100: High power meters for amplified system and pump lasers up to 100 W

Beam Profiler

Laser Beam Analyzer Model LBA-710PC:

With analog camera, beam profiling hardware and software to provide detailed beam quality measurements at all stages of system.



Reef-RT-50: Real time scanning autocorrelation measurements of seed laser pulse duration.

Reef-SS-50: Single shot autocorrelator to measure pulse width of amplifier output for each shot.

Complete software and integration included.



ASP 800-1250: Near infrared USB spectrometers for real time spectrum of seed laser and amplified pulse. Resolution >0.08 nm.


High Resolution Spectrometer

High Resolution ( 0.01 nm ) computerized spectrometer range ( 200 – 1000 nm ) with array detector.


C, D

 High Vacuum System With Vacuum Chamber For Laser Evaporation


UHV vacuum chamber: Dia.12" , with 18 ports, blank flanges, bolts/nuts, gaskets

UHV gate valve: 8", pneumo, with position indicator, roughing port, bolts/nuts, gaskets

Turbomolecular pump: 8" 560l/s with vent valve and power supply

Oil-free mechanical pump: 35m3/h

3 UHV: valves pneumo, with position indicator 

Pumping controller

Vacuum controller: with 1 Penning gauge, 2 Pirani gauges, cables, and 2 spare gauges


Quartz crystal monitor: with one shuttered sensor, UHV feed through, sensors kit

UHV quick access door 8" with view port

UHV silica view ports 6" (uncoated)

Moveable (rotating, tilting) target and substrate holders

General controller (water, compressed air, power distribution, etc.)



Installation and Training

Installation and training will be conducted onsite and all necessary laser safety equipment and warnings will be included.



1 year parts and service.

Additional 2 years parts 10% of system cost.



A.1 : 12 Weeks ARO

A.2-D: 6 months ARO


High-Vacuum System for Laser Deposition (pdf)


Del Mar Photonics

Multi-Terawatt Ti:Sapphire lasers

Femtosecond Two-stage Amplifier System Wedge-XL
Operation wavelength: 800 ± 10 nm
Output pulse duration: < 70 fs
Output energy: 100 mJ
Pulse repetition rate: 10 Hz

Femtosecond Terawatt Ti:sapphire Laser System Teahupoo MPA-XL
Output pulse wavelength: 810 ± 10 nm
Pulse width after compressor: <40 fs
Recommended maximum pulse energy after air compressor: 60 mJ (1.5 TW at 40 fs)
Maximum pulse energy of amplified stretched pulses: 0.2 J
Pulse repetition rate: 10 Hz
Output spectral bandwidth: 30 nm
Output beam diameter: 15 mm
Output beam quality: M2<2
Contrast: >106 for ns time scale
Compressor efficiency: 65%
Output beam polarization: Horizontal

CORTES-E-1 Table –Top Terawatt repetitive rate laser system
Peak Power > 1TW
Pulse duration < 50 fs
Output pulse energy ≥ 50 mJ
Repetition rate 10 Hz
Wavelength Around 800 nm (fixed)
Energy stability Better than 5%
Beam quality M² ≤ 1.6
ns prepulse contrast ratio ≥ 105 : 1
ps prepulse contrast ratio ≥ 10³ : 1 @ 1 ps
≥ 105 : 1 @ 5 ps
≥ 10 6 : 1 @ 10-20 ps
Polarization of the final output beam Linear, Ellipticity < 10-2

Table Top Ultra High Intensity Ti:Sapphire Laser Cortes-E
Pulse Length: < 60 fs
Energy per pulse: 100 mJ
Repetition rate: 10 Hz
Contrast ratio: > 106:1
Stability: < 3 %
Tuning range: 790-810 nm fro 50 fs pulses
Gaussian beam: M2 < 1.1
Beam diameter: 4 mm after focusing

Cortes-800 40 Terawatt Laser System
The new Cortes-800 amplification system provides terawatt peak power in a compact package. Seeded with our compact Trestles Ti:sapphire oscillator, the Cortes-800 consists of three chirped pulse amplification (CPA) stages that fit on a single optical table. Pulse energies of greater than 1.5 J are achieved before compression in a vacuum chamber. Active feedback and pulse shaping allows the Cortes-800 to produce extremely high contrast ratios, and sub 30 fs output pulses with peak powers greater than 40 terawatts. Fully integrated timing and control software make the Cortes- 800 a perfect tool for the study of high energy laser- matter interaction. The initial stage of the system consists of the TRESTLES-20 femtosecond oscillator pumped with a 532 nm, 6 W DPSS laser. Generated 20 fs pulses are temporally stretched with Offner triplet technology to 400 ps. To pre-correct for spectral changes incurred as pulses pass through the system, the stretched pulses pass through an acousto-optic programmable dispersive filter. The AOPDF compensates for gain narrowing and wavelength shifting in the amplification stages and for dispersion due to propagation through system components. Before insertion into the first amplification stage, a PISMO Pockels cell pulse picker is used to gate single pulses at a repetition rate of 10 Hz from the oscillator pulse train. The stretched, shaped and picked pulses are then amplified by a WEDGE-10 multi-pass amplifier, providing high contrast ratio. After the initial amplification stage the pulses pass through a spatial filter to increase the beam diameter and improve the spatial quality of the beam. A second PISMO Pockels cell is used to increase the temporal contrast ratio and to protect STAGE-1 from back reflections. The spatially expanded pulses pass through STAGE-2, a 5-pass multi-pass amplifier. Another spatial filter is used to clean the beam before the final amplifying stage, STAGE- 3. The 4-pass power amplifier increases the pulse energy to 1,500 mJ per pulse. Pulse compression takes place within a sealed vacuum chamber with a dielectric grating compressor. Grating position, and thus final pulse duration, are adjusted with the help of computer controlled motorized stages. A deformable mirror (DM) coupled with a Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor is used to correct wavefront distortions, resulting in a 0.8 Strehl ratio.

Jaws Laser System Cr:Forsterite Multi-Terawatt Amplified Laser - price estimate
1250nm, 200ps, 10Hz, 1 J before compression
1250nm, 100fs, 10Hz, 500mJ --- 50fs, 10Hz, 250mJ - after compression

Cortes-K Femtosecond Seed Laser for Petawatt KrF Excimer Laser

Cortes-O 200 TW Femtosecond Laser CPOPA


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