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Trestles LH femtosecond lasers with integrated DPSS DMPLH laser pump - DPSS DMPLH lasers
DPSS DMP LH series advantages over Millenia Prime

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DPSS DMP LH series  has quite a few advantages over the Millennia Prime:

Laser Specifications

Better power stability. The DPSS-DMP-LH10 has much better power stability than the Millennia: 0.5% RMS for DPSS-DMP-LH10 versus 2.0% RMS for Millennia.

Lower optical noise. Even though the noise specifications are, on paper, quite similar: 0.03% RMS for DPSS-DMP-LH10 versus 0.04% RMS for Millennia, we have heard from a number of customers who have tested both lasers that, in reality, the DPSS-DMP-LH10 noise is much lower. It is also quite well known that the Millennia has a high frequency spatial instability.

Better spectral purity. The Millennia has no specification on the amount of 1064nm light contained in the 532nm output beam. Typically it can be hundreds of milliwatts or more. Most times this 1064nm light ends up being scattered inside the Ti:Sapphire laser or around the laboratory causing potential eye hazards. The DPSS-DMP-LH10 has a spectral purity specification of > 99.9%. This means that even in the 10W, 532nm output there is at most only 10mW of 1064nm light.


Laser Head: Physical Specifications & Features

Vents on laser head. There are heat vents on the Millennia laser head to allow excess heat to escape from the intra-cavity frequency-doubler assembly. This excess heat must then be removed by the customer. The DPSS-DMP-LH10 laser head is hermetically sealed with no vents allowing the laser head to be completely integrated inside an OEM product.

Laser head dimensions. The volume of the DPSS-DMP-LH10 laser head is less than 50% of the Millennia laser head: 144 cubic inches for the DPSS-DMP-LH10 versus 304 cubic inches for the Millennia.

Laser head weight. The weight of the DPSS-DMP-LH10 laser head is ~ 30% that of the Millennia: 7.0 lbs for the DPSS-DMP-LH10 versus 22.0 lbs for the Millennia.


Power Supply-Cooler: Physical Specifications & Features

Pump diode(s). All DPSS-DMP-LH models (5W, 6W, 8W and 10W) use one pump diode module that is housed in the power supply. The armored delivery fiber is easily disconnected at the diode module for field servicing. The pump diode modules for the Millennia, also housed in the power supply, have permanently-attached fiber assemblies that are disconnected at the Millennia laser head for field servicing. During this service procedure the fiber assembly must be removed from the long umbilical that connects the Millennia laser head, power supply and water chiller.

Integrated cooler (chiller). The DPSS-DMP-LH10 has a purpose-built, integrated, closed-loop chiller. The Millennia comes with a large, separate, stand-alone chiller. The physical dimensions for the Millennia chiller are not given anywhere on the Millennia datasheet.

Power consumption. The power consumption figures for the Millennia chiller are not included in those given on the Millennia datasheet. The power consumption for the complete DPSS-DMP-LH10 system, including the integrated chiller, are less than 500 Watts.


Cost - request a quote

Initial purchase price. The DPSS-DMP-LH10 price is much less than the Millennia.

Servicing the diode pack. The diode pack for the DPSS-DMP-LH10, contained in the power supply, is inexpensive and can be replaced by the customer. The diode packs for the Millennia are expensive and can only be replaced by a Spectra-Physics service engineer trained on the Millennia.


Trestles LH femtosecond lasers with integrated DPSS DMPLH laser pump - DPSS DMPLH lasers

Trestles LH10-fs/CW laser system at UC Santa Cruz Center of Nanoscale Optofluidics
Tresltes LH10-fs/CW laser at Harvard University is used for STED microscopy of nanodiamons